The Plague of Black Magic

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Black magic has spread like a plague in all four corners of the world and there is no stopping it. People practice it without any shame or fear of accountability for their action on the day of judgement. Whether in the form of amaliyaat, taweez gande, jadu tona, or whatever it may be, it is being practiced like there is no tomorrow.

In this day and age of Godlessness, hedonism and materialism, people do not think of punishment in the akhirah. People do not think of the gravity of their sin. People do not think of the problems they will face in this very world due to their filthy act. All they think about is achieving their goal through magic at whatever the cost, whether it may be to harm someone due to jealousy, or to achieve something, in the form of love, money, success, etc.

With so much information available on magic, and so many methods of cure, it is the responsibility of each and every individual to make sure they are free from the effects of magic. One thing I have repeatedly mentioned in my articles is the recitation of Manzil. For those who are not aware, Manzil is a booklet of verses from the Holy Quran, and booklets are available in all Islamic stores.

These verses have to be read, blown thrice on water in a glass, and drunk once in the morning and once after maghrib. Those who find it difficult to maintain consistency with the method can simply recite Manzil on water in a bottle or jug, and drink a little from it once in the morning and once after sunset until the water lasts.

May Allah SWT save us all from the effects of magic, and cure those who are suffering from it.

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*Please make it a habit of giving Manzil water to your children, especially if they are little.

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