The Higher Level of Existence

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When someone aspires for the true love of Allah, the love of the material luxury just evaporates from his mind. In that case the eminence, opulence, in fact, everything becomes secondary for him. Protocol and the small issues do not bother him. What matters is serving humanity and the wish to please Allah. The great reward which he earns as a result is the wealth of inner peace. It is that blessing which cannot be bought in any market but can only be earned. I heard many people saying when they did not have wealth, they used to run after that and thought after achieving that they will feel happy, but when they got it, they found that unhappiness still prevails in great silhouettes. Rather their previous life with less material affluence and resources they believed was better in many respects.

The belief should be in the heart that the ultimate provider is Allah and we must resort to him for all our needs and restrain from going to other human beings thinking they will find some way to address our grievances. At the same time it is true that we should also seek for righteous people and try to spend some time with them for ennobling our vision and getting rid of complexes. Social exposure is a great help to overcome our inner fears and anxieties. Travelling widens our power of observation and we are able to sort things out clearly.

Sometimes we desire something from all our heart and feel like if that is not got then our life would become meaningless. This thinking creates a lot of problems. As we do not know what would be good for us in the real sense of the term in the long run. It does not mean that one should start flowing along the current and stop striving for the object of our desire. But this idea must be alive in our mind that if despite all our efforts and sincerity something is inaccessible then surely it is not ordained for us. Or something else which is better is in our fate and we must reconcile with that reality.

All we have to take care is that no harm comes to others from us. We must avoid the company of those who are shrouded by depressive thoughts most of the times. Such people suffer from a rare disease called as melancholia. They see things with a jaundiced eye and feel lack of motivation. Their sleuth is likely to slink on us and make us unenthusiastic and incredulous. Likewise it is also suggested that if we wish to need the suggestion from someone when we feel indecisive then we must avoid asking from a week or timid person as he would be squeezing the energy from our being and make us land in the looming dimness of doubt and uncertainty.

The focus again lays on the fact that we must be mindful of discharging our responsibilities with robustness and earnestness. Even if we are students then it would be a sheer disloyalty if we do not do justice to studies. All this will lead to striking an imbalance in our life and we all know that imbalances whether in relations or in the form of excess of anything creates disturbances in our life and also those connected to us.

The noble life of our great Prophet (pbuh) must always be in our heart and mind. How he fought against the barbaric forces of evil bearing the strictest opposition, how pure life he led, and the resoluteness he showed in the pursuit of holy cause. How balanced he was in all aspects of life, family, worship, dealing with people and everything. These all and many other beautiful examples he set serve us a generous reminder to mend our ways. Let us forget about minor differences and embrace the love for humanity. Let us be honest to ourselves and be able to cast serene glances over what we are doing and vow to be unswerving in future as well for the pursuit of dignity.