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The Chain of events …… Now the attack on G.H.Q

By • Oct 10th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 21 Comments

First of all a salute to our brave Army Soldiers who embraced Martyrdom today while defending the heart of Army command and control ” The GHQ”.

The news relaying information on GEO TV that our agencies had given prior warning of such attacks which shows our agencies are playing their vital role but there has been a major breach of security arrangements. It could be an aftermath of attack on Indian Embassy in Kabul.

A lot has been said, written and telecast today on this shameful incident, but I have only one reservation, the attack on GHQ planned and executed as soon as GHQ commented against Kerry РLuger Bill that its some clauses are not in favor of National Security plus the onslaught of  Indian, Israeli and American intelligence agencies through a joint effort  to find a reason to get hold of our Nuclear Assets might fall in to wrong hands of terrorists.

I see this an effort of Anti-Pakistan elements headed by USA and managed by American agencies to make their point valid that Pakistan cant handle security of sensitive areas including our Nuclear assets.

Where as our brave soldiers have proved that our nation’s security is in safe hands but how long would they sustain such attacks which are becoming more severe with every passing day and with new and increased level of intensity. We will not bow down and fight it like a brave Nation. Our patience and our bravery has been tested many a times, our forces never let us down unless and until our so called political leaders remained sincere. The moment our leadership started working on the agenda of becoming allies and puppets in the hands of USA intelligence agencies, we always suffered major set backs.

I would request media to not to dramatize this situation for the sack of selling air time for their transmissions live world wide, but play in a sensible manner. Its an attack on our sovereignty and we are standing by our forces and our government to fight our way out of these troubled waters. Enough of spreading criticism on government, on agencies, on Army, lets spend some time and effort on constructive and positive things.

Long live Pakistan!

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