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The Chain of events …… Now the attack on G.H.Q

By Mian Usman • Oct 10th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 21 Comments

First of all a salute to our brave Army Soldiers who embraced Martyrdom today while defending the heart of Army command and control ” The GHQ”.

The news relaying information on GEO TV that our agencies had given prior warning of such attacks which shows our agencies are playing their vital role but there has been a major breach of security arrangements. It could be an aftermath of attack on Indian Embassy in Kabul.

A lot has been said, written and telecast today on this shameful incident, but I have only one reservation, the attack on GHQ planned and executed as soon as GHQ commented against Kerry - Luger Bill that its some clauses are not in favor of National Security plus the onslaught of  Indian, Israeli and American intelligence agencies through a joint effort  to find a reason to get hold of our Nuclear Assets might fall in to wrong hands of terrorists.

I see this an effort of Anti-Pakistan elements headed by USA and managed by American agencies to make their point valid that Pakistan cant handle security of sensitive areas including our Nuclear assets.

Where as our brave soldiers have proved that our nation’s security is in safe hands but how long would they sustain such attacks which are becoming more severe with every passing day and with new and increased level of intensity. We will not bow down and fight it like a brave Nation. Our patience and our bravery has been tested many a times, our forces never let us down unless and until our so called political leaders remained sincere. The moment our leadership started working on the agenda of becoming allies and puppets in the hands of USA intelligence agencies, we always suffered major set backs.

I would request media to not to dramatize this situation for the sack of selling air time for their transmissions live world wide, but play in a sensible manner. Its an attack on our sovereignty and we are standing by our forces and our government to fight our way out of these troubled waters. Enough of spreading criticism on government, on agencies, on Army, lets spend some time and effort on constructive and positive things.

Long live Pakistan!

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21 Responses »

  1. Usman
    one thing is obvious to all that no one conquer GHQ with one van and 4 terrorists and result was obvious to all.
    But the important thing is as usual agencies forecast the attack but couldnt reach the source of this combat and easily let the amjad farooqi unknown groups to come and move in high secure areas by crossing hurdles of police and MP , killed our soldiers who are always standing their with weapons in their hands.
    So point is what is out come of this lengthy war and fake proclamation of our agencies?
    Ordinary citizens daily face the restrictions of pickets and harsh treatments of law enforcing agencies and how calmly armed terrorists came and target maximum as per their aims.
    Again no body is here to answer me that who is responsible of this careless negligence?

  2. How could you possibly expect just the Army and other LEAs to suffer the consequences when the target is entire Pakistan and its sovereignty? Its rather naive of you to think that the agencies could not reach to the source of the agencies without having the slightest of ideas how the agencies actually function. Because if you did, you wouldn’t have said that in the first place. To sit in your air conditioned (with backup generators) drawing rooms and write such comments with an absolute disregard of the people who lost their lives and whine about the “harsh treatment” of the LEAs must be a very satisfying way to vent out, I reckon. However, the mere fact that the terrorists weren’t able to penetrate inside the building of the GHQ manifests the response of the men deployed there. Text book executions, I am afraid, are limited to drawing rooms discussions in the real world.

  3. For you kind information I was not in drawing room when all was happening there. I took my car in critical areas and brought out few relatives who were trapped in nearby areas due to severe army movement .
    This area is on our daily route and we are well aware of its secuirty plans.Almost 1 hr traffic jam on daily basis in morning and after noon timings are worst period to go near GHQ’s roads.
    Thanks to Allah that goof terrorist didnt pick the peak working hours other wise causalities would be beyond to count.
    You know very well that commandos in uniform never use close car or white vans like that
    these white suzukis are only in use of IFU or ISI.
    so why security personals in two pickets missed this basic lesson of security.
    You know why.
    Because senior officers of GHQ all time breach this security by allowing their known people to come and enter in this way.
    Most men of law enforcing people have been fed of so much prolong tough security jobs.
    They are treated as paid slave to give all time security to their arrogant bosses.
    For years these people are being kept on forefronts , where all are vulnerable to attack first.
    They are among the first to pick the dead bodies of their colleagues and buried for last many years.
    They are witnessing the misiries of kins of their lost colleagues or watching the helplessness of handicapped friends.
    So what one should accept from these people to offer us their lives for such war who has no link with us.

  4. In this regards dont forget to give credit to efficiency of Rehman malik,
    He is real master for his job.
    he was responsible of bhutto security and two times she faced deadly attack under his responsibility as her security chief.
    Seeing his efficacious personality he was made responsible to take charge of whole country.
    He presented same output as he did in Bhutto case.
    But seeing his absolute success in his job that he always smell the right conspiracy against state and his all time helplessness is always ignored to his judgmental quality and let the damages added into accounts of international terrorism.

  5. I don’t mean any offence nor do I intend being sarcastic here but if ignorance is a bliss, you sure are to be the happiest person on the planet. I for one, know for sure that the procedure of entering GHQ is a lot more complex than you think. Every individual, whether an Army personnal or a civilian or as you put it, “a genral’s guest”, has to go through a procedure to enter GHQ. I wonder why are you guys so much against the generals of our Army? Blaming everything on them just because most people find it easy to believe!! Is that the reason? Secondly, the LEAs are under a lot of presure of course. This is an insurgency we are dealing with. Now, if the LEAs are under pressure or as you put it, “fed up”, do you expect us to surrender and invite the TTPs to come and rule this country? Beacuse if you are, then you better be prepared to give up education or working, or worst still, you be ready not to ever leave the confins you house, no more Maria B, or whatever you gals are into. Things are easier said than done Ma’am. And by the way, drawing room is a metaphor. God bless. Later!!

  6. IF you envy a person liek Rehman Malik, then I am afriad I am so wasting my time knocking some sense into you!

  7. @5
    One thing I will make you clear this attack was shocked for all of us as this GHQ is our pure symbol of real force of army that has been hit in very professional manner and we all know well that technically and in tactical strategy we showed lot of weakness in forecasting, handling and counter attack at the start of this attack.
    I have already told you that those were goofs terrorists who opted the strongest route of GHQ.There are other three routes which are casually used by its residences without any problem.Just imagine that if these terrorists could enter into these sides the damages could be immense
    .Same just imagine that CMH and MH is just lying close to this building if such an aware and highly loaded gangsters created hostage like situation in any major medical units then I think you can apprehend losses better than me.
    The procedure that you are mentioning to enter is for ordinary people but if you are visitor of high rank officers or residences of GHQ living in behind compound then there are lot of short cuts available and I my self witness these by passes in the evening times.
    One thing is ponder that the gates terrorists had chosen to enter were guarded 24/24 from the top which height is almost 30 to 40 ft, still cant understand that how these armed men allowed 4 fully loaded men to cross this gate.
    I know that army management cant take risk of demoralizing the lower soldiers by accepting its security flaws but it has been done and we have to cover our this weakness as soon as possible.
    what ever the cost we pay but I am telling you that basic reason of security failure is casual attitude of managers who are mostly emphasize on personal security rather than securing the lives of soldiers and destruction of our proud symbols.
    Before start of this war we havnt heard this name taliban and extremism in our urban culture.We third generation of urban areas are still not afraid of this created horror as we have strong traditions and values so maria b a novel product of elite class might afraid of this evils but dont worry we cant allow them to over come us.Dont try to harass us as your leaders do who after creating mess has left this backward country without taking responsibility of their failed strategies.
    By the way you used symbolic term of drawing room in last line but in middle it is purely used as taunt and in the same way I responded .

  8. @6
    Is there any thing hidden in the personality of rehman malik to envy him.He is just a green eyed monster for us who is dangerously manipulating the things in our critical areas.
    You again prove to be poor observant of readers .

  9. Well most of these terrorists got their training from ISI agents or their contractors. Pakistan has been training terrorists for attacking Indians and Afghanis for a long time There is lot of money involved in terrorism. Pakistan government is getting billions of dollars to fight terrorism. Some of these killings are for money. In 2004 eleven Australian engineers were killed in Pakistan for not paying bribes. Killings were blamed on terrorists while Australian government has information some Pakistani Minster ordered the killings. Any one can google and find information about Australians killings. Here is a video of professional Paki army killing old pashtun men. Paki army are beating people whose relative is a suspected militant. .

  10. The people who attacked the GHQ are the same ones who were trained by Pakistani ISI to conquer Afghanistan and spread terror in India. To blame foreign powers for home grown terrorists is to miss the truth completely.

  11. @ Tim And Vikram

    Yes, ISI trained them with the support of USA during the soviet invasion.But please do not forget that ISI is a very Strong organisation, and if they can train the illitrate pashtun to KICK out Russia. Then just think of Sky is the limit. Do not forget TEN indian provinces are fighting for there independence?

  12. To Indians such as “William Donlon,”

    I never have understood why you post under western names? Does a white-persons name lend you credibility? No Westerner has ever referred to the ISI as “ISI Muslims.” Thats clearly a Hindu nationalist term.

  13. Vikram,

    Please share this evidence that the AUS gov’t has about a minister ordering the murder of these engineers. Don’t you think that if some Indian knows about this, that the Australian media does too? Wouldnt there be outrage in AUS, which would inevitably lead to a diplomatic row?? Please don’t post nonsense, and don’t try to appeal to Pakhtun identity by talking about the army beating Pakhtuns. Us Pakhtanuh are well aware of what your army does in Kashmir/Punjab/Assam/Mizoram/Nagaland/Tripura/Naxalbari…

  14. The Indians coming here at this blog and posting comments, pretty silly ones actually, manifests the danger they fear if the wrath of ISI were to turn to them. However, they arn’t realizing that a country that is actively participating in funding insurgencies and pumping terrorists in NWFP and Baluchistan, doesn’t have the moral right to point fingers at others. What you are doing to the Muslims in India is also going to explode sooner or later. See you then, janitors!!!

  15. Miss Nazia!! you must study something about counter insurgency / terrorism / Low Intensity Conflicts / Asymmetrical warfare. Moreover, you also must go in detail the American defeat in Vietnam and more importantly why Israel despite all her powers has failed to stop the suicide bombings and attack. If you read all these, you just might wake up from the dream land that you seem to live in Ma’am!!

  16. This is the reality of ‘War of Terror’ whereby America is killing many birds with one stone. On the one hand America is engaging the jihad loving Muslims inside Pakistan thus preventing them from going to Afghanistan while on the other hand she is disenchanting the masses from Islam. Moreover, she is making Pak Army fight its own citizens so that they do not even think about their responsibility of kicking America out of this region.

  17. In the previous military operation in Swat, the government killed thousands of children, elderly and women besides turning millions homeless. The government destroyed their homes, markets and roads and termed it a ‘bitter pill’ which they had to swallow. They further claimed that if the masses “sacrificed” and accepted these losses for once the government will be able to clear the area from terrorists and achieve complete and lasting peace. But after destruction and losses to the tune of billions of rupees, instead of achieving peace Malakand has been converted into a ‘Mega Jail’ by imposing curfews while people starve in their homes. Despite destruction of their fruit farms and crops, neither all “terrorist” were arrested nor killed rather they simply shifted to new areas while bomb blasts and chaos still prevails. Hizb ut-Tahrir forewarned the people prior to military operation that defeating terrorism is just an excuse while in reality America is fighting the people of the region under the guise of fighting militants. It is the people of this region who did their level best in helping their Afghan brothers across the Durand Line. America is aware that until and unless she does not crush the Jihad loving Islamists of the tribal area or disenchant them from Islam, she cannot win the war in Afghanistan. That is why the Waziristan operation in 2003-4 which America conducted through Pak Army was an utter failure since there was no public opinion to support it, especially amongst the soldiers who were not prepared to kill their own Muslim brothers for the sake of America. As a result the government was forced to halt the military operation and sign a deal with Nek Muhammad, who was later martyred by American missile attack. This was enough for America to realize that unless the resistance is not discredited amongst the Pakistani people and the Armed Forces, she can never succeed in her objectives. Thus, American and Pakistani spy agencies started infiltrating the militants and did certain actions that would give a bad name to the resistance and make them unpopular. Later, according to a plan, the government of Pakistan allowed these “extremists” to openly establish training camps and launch radio stations. Moreover, they were allowed to recruit from masses as well as harass the population. In the mean time, the government intentionally weakened its grip allowing its writ to deplete and then started a powerful propaganda campaign in the media that extremists are challenging the writ of the state. They also propagated that the situation is so bad that extremists can actually capture Islamabad anytime. On the other hand, American spy agencies and mercenaries of Blackwater were given free rein in Pakistan resulting into Iraq style bombings in the cities. The sole purpose of which was to create public opinion for military operation in the tribal belt and its surrounding areas. Broadcasting the lashing video and airing the images of hundreds of destroyed schools was very effectively used to further infuriate the already angry people of Pakistan to an extent that voices calling or military operation started to come from all directions of Pakistan. This was the heinous plan undertaken by the Pakistani government which not only helped them to impose a brutal war on the Muslims of the frontier belt but they also succeeded in throwing the brave and fearless soldiers of Pak Army into this pit of fire under the pretext of Indian presence and involvement in the Tribal belt. If India is actually present in this area and meddling in our affairs then why doesn’t Pakistan bring these proofs on any of the international forums? Rather Pakistan is willing to go as humiliatingly low as possible in its endeavour to create brotherly relationship with India.

  18. O Armed Forces of Pakistan! These are the same tribesmen along with whom you expelled USSR from this region. They used to love you and you respected them. Then who is the one who turned you against each other? Indeed it all started with the advent of US troops in the region. Know thy enemy and support your brothers who are busy in expelling the crusaders from the region instead of lending support to the devil, the USA. Bear in mind, It is not acceptable in front of Allah (swt) in any case that you kill Muslims by allying with Kuffar. Allah (swt) said;

    وَمَنْ يَقْتُلْ مُؤْمِنًا مُتَعَمِّدًا فَجَزَاؤُهُ جَهَنَّمُ خَالِدًا فِيهَا وَغَضِبَ اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَلَعَنَهُ وَأَعَدَّ لَهُ عَذَابًا عَظِيمًا

    And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his Recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the Wrath and the Curse of Allâh are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for Him. (TMQ: An-Nisa; 93)

  19. Probably Mr. Usman’s hasn’t come close to losing a loved one by the tribesmen suicide bombing. These are people who are challenging teh writ of the Government. the State. Shall they be given a free hand in implementing by force their form of Islam? Certainly not. Are they practicing the same religion that was practiced by Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)? Certainly not. Do you think Pakistan would progress under their rule? Certainly not. Do you think Pakistan would be a better Muslim country than it is now? Certainly not. Are you for women being kept in veils as slaves and not get any education? I am sure you are a better man than that. Blaming the Armed Forces for killing children and women whereas the people of Swat say the same about the Talibans. I have quite a few friends who are from Swat and they report quite contrary of what you claim. Not very convincing Mr Usman!!

  20. This classic example of foreign hand in the events that took place in GHQ and we all know who that hand belongs to which has Slumdog written all over it. Our own mujahideen will never attack our own army!

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