Tariq Azizuddin : Forgotten Ambassador

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Tariq Azizuddin, his driver and his bodyguard had disappeared on February 11 while they were going toward the Afghan border from Peshawar. Then a video was released which showed the abducted ambassador pleading for his release from the authorities and his friends amidst the masked men with weapons pointing at the ambassador.

The anguish of the family would be sky-high and when once again a deadlock has occurred in the talks between the Talibans and the government, the hope is diminishing for the release of the kidnapped ambassador.

Authorities might be trying at any level and secretly trying to get the diplomatic man back, but the progress is nowhere to be seen. Many months have been passed and the health of the ambassador is reported to be deteriorating and thats very alarming for the family.

The kidnapping of the ambassador is a slap on the security measures taken by the authorities in the restive areas, and the failure to get the Tariq Azzizuddin releases is another colossal failure. While the country is in the grip of numerous other crisis, there seems to be no media limelight over this crucial issue, but that must no be ignored by the officials, as ambassador symbolizes the Pakistan government.

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