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Target Killing in Karachi

By Muskan Hina • Feb 2nd, 2010 • Category: Features • 18 Comments

We have become tired of hearing from the authorities that Karachi is the lifeblood of Pakistan and its peace will be maintained at every cost, but the thing is that still at large scale, the Karachi target killing is going on at full throttle unabated.

MQM says that land mafia and drug mafia is behind these killings. ANP, PPP, and other parties point fingers at MQM. Everybody is playing the blame game and finger pointing and the killings are going on. More than 70 people have been killed only in January in Karachi.

Its a vicious cycle, round circle. People get killed, parties play blame game, police arrest some people, and then political clout get those people out of police custody.

And then all of a sudden all these killings stop, and then mysteriously start again after a lull.

Who is doing what?

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