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Target Killing in Karachi

By Muskan Hina • Feb 2nd, 2010 • Category: Features • 18 Comments

We have become tired of hearing from the authorities that Karachi is the lifeblood of Pakistan and its peace will be maintained at every cost, but the thing is that still at large scale, the Karachi target killing is going on at full throttle unabated.

MQM says that land mafia and drug mafia is behind these killings. ANP, PPP, and other parties point fingers at MQM. Everybody is playing the blame game and finger pointing and the killings are going on. More than 70 people have been killed only in January in Karachi.

Its a vicious cycle, round circle. People get killed, parties play blame game, police arrest some people, and then political clout get those people out of police custody.

And then all of a sudden all these killings stop, and then mysteriously start again after a lull.

Who is doing what?

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  1. franly and very very truly speaking its purely ethnic voilance in karachi between pukhtoons and muhajirs.
    till 2007 Pukhtoons were living very peacefully and minding there own business in karachi but the entry of ANP and PSF spoiled it all , PSF started taking over educational institutes by force and violence and so many collages in karachi have become NO GO COLLEGES for any other ethnic group either muhajir or sindhi or punjabi. My youngest brother recently got admission in intermediate but he is not going college coz OSF is bullying around the colleges . Same goes for ANP they are feeding the years of hard working pukhtoons in Karachi and showing them dreams of taking over karachi and we are witnessing hostile behaviors of bus conductors mis-behaving with females and older mans in buses and have created no go areas where no other ethnic group can enter

  2. sepaking of very recent violence and killings truely speaking ANP and PSF is to be blamed
    it all started when :

    PSF (pukhtoon sutudent federation) worker caught carying drugs and ill legal baned bore arms with him and he was arrested locked up in station

    PSF start protesting along with ANP for its worker

    Pukhtoon dominated areas were shutdown and roads were blocked

    Hassan square , old sabzi mandi road adjoining business central roads was blocked and heavy firing started

    Kasbah Aligarh , Paposh Nagar , Banars and Gulistan e Jahaur was closed and heavy firing was going on

    all of a sudden Urdu speaking guy was shot dead by PSF workers in Orangi Town area near banaras (Pukhtoon dominated area)

    Starting from orangi killing violence is still on

  3. karachi khappay sahab you are right about PSF and ANP, around 10 days ago ANP was involved in killing of several sindhis in karachi in gulistan e jahaur area and they killed several workers of JSQM jiye sindh qaumi mahaz and after that gulistan e jahaur and gulshan e iqbal was closed for almost 2 days and people there was living in fear and so many cars were torched by ANP or PSF guys in those areas.

  4. I see all this situation as the forces which are against the development of pakistan are now trying the other way to destablize karachi.they all shouted & Screemed on MK’s Development in karachi but when they came to know that people of karachi will never be against their own people so they all started top destabilize karachi this postpone CDGK Elections & to give talibans a safe area to perform their activities because all of a sudden now karachites are thinking over this target killing and not focusing on Talibans activities.I see all this situation as the same plan from 8th muharram’s blast to yestaerdays target killing event.

  5. Obviously the one who don’t want karachi to remain as the most developed part of the country, those people will never let this happen.
    we have seen before how this Mafia and their political allys like ANP are destabilizing the situation in the city of Karachi. Many areas are under critical situations due to this target killings and one thing common among all those areas is the ANP or PSF ‘Ward’ situated on those areas.
    whether it is near eesa nari, old sabzi mandi, banaras or al-asif, these terrorists came out of their areas and then after killing many people of the country they go back in to their homes, and ANP is always there to save them from Police or any other law enforcing agency.
    There will be no solution of this situation until these political groups will not stop supporting terrorists and giving them a safe path to enter the city.

  6. @karachi khapay. I think both your comments are contradicting themselves if you read them again mister. Stop playing the blame game and giving rise to jumped decisions. Our motive should be to discuss how to curb this violence menace rather than give it more hype.

  7. Agree that Pakistan Peoples Party want complete Hold in Karachi thats why they killed Pathan’s Urdu Speakings and other innocent peoples, they want to launch there LOCAL GOVERNMENT through weapons. They don’t want to see authorities in Poor People or i can sy middle class. People’s Party specially Home Minister Zulfiqar Mirza is responsible for all act happend in karachi these days.

  8. PPP wants that some how we can delay the City Government elections and now they are doing from this evil action.Supported by the forces who wants the 1979 local government ware karachites you might be facing more than you saw today because they can do everything for achieving local government seats.

  9. Target Killing is a conspiracy to disturb the peace of Karachi and Pakistan.
    Sudden growth in Target killing is very suspicious and the wrong side of the picture is being portrayed to us, actual facts are some thing else

  10. The target killings in karachi has indeed rised the eye brows of the entire nation, We indeed agree to your point when you talk about the strange mystery behind violence which erupts all of a sudden and also vanishes the same way. Now, the point of view by the political parties who say that MQM is involved in target killings does’nt make sense. If we see the MQM after the 9/11 incidence of when Pakistan was very bluntly told by the bush regime that ‘ are you with us or against us.’ this was the time when Pakistan was left all alone and was left with no choice what so ever.
    This was the time when an army operatoin had just got over but the maturity which MQM displayed at that time would be written in golden words. MQM rendered unconditional support to Mr. Musharraf the then President and sitting General of Pak Army. 15000 workers of MQM were killed during this operation against MQM but hats off for mqm leadership who instead of exploiting the situation said ‘ Pakistan First,’
    After the unconditional support MQM never looked back and through out the Musharraf regime and even after the elections MQM played a positve role in and outside the Assemblies. So, it is in this contest i say and firmly belive that MQM is not involved in target killings in Karachi. Secondly, those killed are mostly those who are commoners what political gain would MQM gain out of it, MQM is a political party which has all the ethinic colours in it. MQM is a national based political party and indulging itself in ethinic politics would only distort it’s image.
    The fact remain that it is the drug and land mafia which is resposible for the killings in Karachi , they have there vested interests who is not aware about the connections with Rehman Dekat and his successor Uzair Baluch.
    The Peoples party, MQM and ANP are the colition partners in sindh govt. it is very strange on one side they say that we have enough seats to form a govt. in sindh we don’t need MQM but on the other hand they have taken ANP on board too, i ask why! does it make sense to to have ANP who took two seats from Karachi. How would ANP fill the Urban Rural divide with TWO seats. MQM plays a major role in the colition in Sindh.
    Peoples Party and ANP are resposible in creating law and order situation in Karachi. They are trying to malign the reputation of MQM so that they could hamper the steady progress of MQM which is spreading with rapid pace in Pakistan

  11. MQM recently won from Gilgit-Baltistan, If ANP could be included in sindh govt. with mere two seats to their credit then why MQM has been left out from Gilgit -Baltistan. We observe double standards here. The only obvious reason could be that they in Karachi need a bunch of terrorists who could spoil the peace and harmony of the city when ever they so need. The philosophy of MQM is spreading rapidly in interior Sindh and through out the country. MQM has in the past been tried for treason by recovering fictitious maps of so called Jinnah Pur, we all witnessed on a T.V. show where Brig. Rtd. Imtiaz admitted bluntly that no such maps were recovered from any of the MQM offices.

  12. Dont waist your time here
    do something creative that helps our country to grow
    dont just blaming governments or each other
    be a peace lover,dont be jelous,
    be a good patriot,not just fault finder

  13. MQM is still representing urdu speaking community in karachi
    thats every body knows,yes they trying to be a national level party
    but to be honest pakistan peoples party is the only federation party.
    not other party even pml n claiming they are ,but the truth is they are not
    i am not supporting any one
    but this is a ground reality

  14. all terrorists belong to MQM punjabi pathan sindhi baloch all want mqm to be end now.



  17. Target killing is not the solution of any issue. Only poor people suffered due to target killing incidents and a lot of them got killed in mis-fire incidents.

  18. mqm is the party of terrorists who were gays in teenage it is the reaction of pathan bus conductors who used them for free travel altaf is still gay and changes his boy friend every year some time he orders to kill them for secracy fr example khalid bin walid,azeem tariq. andimran farooq nw a days his boyfriend is m. kamaal

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