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Taliban Zaliman

By M Mirza • May 1st, 2010 • Category: Features • 18 Comments


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  1. Thank you for your kind/touching words for Taliban who loves Islamic Ruling System in South Asia Pakistan & Afghanistan. American Imposed War Against Terror & our Army’s Partnership with Americans is such a waste of good life. Yes, our beloved country involved had a very sad job to do as all sides were filled with good men who had mothers, fathers, wives and children waiting for their safe return & our Ruling Elite whether they are from Jiyala & Co. OR from Army! — ?

    Waqt Hay Woh Qarib Jab Army Kay Gernaloun Say Pocha Jai Ga-
    American $ Kay Badlay Akhir Ko Apni Hee Fauj Ka Kitna Khon Bahay Ga-

  2. Wonderful story i like your article very much and yes Taliban Zaliman

  3. M Mirza if you are so fan of Jihad then cut the BS hypocrisy, get off the computer and get yourself killed in a Jihad somewhere. No one will miss you.

    Lying hypocrite like every other Jamaati.

  4. Umair Bhai, your point about Jamati Islami is correct.

  5. We need to be clear on the fact that no elements of Taliban are just and are fighting for the right cause; there is no such thing as good Taliban. Please Mirza sahib; there forces are inherently evil and they vow to destroy every fragment of our society. The Pakistan army is engaged in fighting Taliban for the last eight years and thousands have lost their lives to protect the frontiers of Pakistan, we will not allow any Taliban sympathizer to confuse us anymore.

  6. Knowing it to be such that Taliban of Afghanistan who have been using some Fata sanctuaries and we do feel their presence here—They are fighting a legitimate war of resistance to free their home country from foreign occupying forces.

    Whereas TTP; using the fake title of Taliban are totally a different monstrous species; raised and supported by the enemies of Pakistan in our country.

    Our certain Mullahs who happen to be the well wisher and enabler of TTP stooges; they must out rightly be condemned. They are the savage murderer that these traitors accept monies from our enemy agents for killing the common folks in street to spread despondency and deplete this country.

  7. The known outlandish pilferer and looters…primarily ‘BB n Zardari’ were let to come back in Pakistan by Musharraf by using the tool of NRO devised to grant an amnesty to them.

    As per their master’s directions; USA, Musharraf laid a ‘red carpet reception’ for their smooth landing and arranged-paved the road to power house in Islamabad through election.

    But BB proved to be the most inept, vision less and inordinate person. On finding a free run to the seat of power; rather than showing some magnanimity and wisdom, to be able to handle a fragile transitional situation in front of her—- and could take charge— she rather went overboard to the extent; keh— Apni Batee he gul kar lee.

  8. rightly mentioned Taliban Zaliman. The atrocities of these maniacs must come to an end this it must happen fast!! We appreiciate the aid coming from USA to fight these crazy people. We have to put an end to this war with wiping off Taliban from the face of the earth.

  9. So these Taliban want to ruin the relation between Pakistan and US by planting a bomb in NY. Am glad no1 was killed and the strategy was failed. We must defeat these maniacs in Pakistan too before they strike our country again!

  10. @Umair03

    I know you very well, you are the same person who post stupid comments under pseudonym names.

  11. @ A Khokar

    You made a very analytical statements under point # 6 & 7. Time has come for us to distinguish between foe and friend.

    @ Pure Pakistani

    Please don’t use such language.

  12. Pure Pakistani filthy Jamaat Islami . . You terrorist Maududi was a traitor to Pakistan and its movement and so is your terrorist Jamaat Islami. Get the hell back to Pithankot inj India where your traitor Maududi used to conspire against creation of Pakistan, Muslim League and Quaid-e-Azam.

    Read what Maududi’s own son says about him;

    May be it’ll open your eyes although I doubt that.

  13. Jamati Islami people are hypocrites. They talk about fighting for Islam. What are they doing at home then?

  14. @Umair3

    Ooops… seems like I stepped on your tail, you qadiani, I wish I could fumigate every single qadiani from Pakistan……

  15. @Ali Hamdani: The U.S. are bigger bastards than anyone else. They have killed more Muslims than anyone will ever kill.

  16. Here-at above according to some Commentators Rtd. Gen. Asad Durrani, Hameed Gul, Aslam Baig, Oarak Zai, — Imran Khan, Ansar Abbassi, Khawaja Saad Rafique PML(N), Dr. Israr Ahmad, Dr. Shahid Masood, Dr. Shireen Mazari, Shaheen Sehbai, Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa, Raheem ullah Yousuf Zai & many others including myself who are deadly against American Imposed War Against Terror at our beloved country — ALL ARE MAUDIDI FOLLOWERS. — NO Sir, be realistic Kindly prove your CHARGE/HIGH TONE BLAME with undeniable established facts & figures.

    Hur Eik Ko — Eik Hee Lukri Say Mut Hankoo-
    Haqaiq Ko Na Jhutlao- Apnay Gariban Mein Jhankoo-

  17. @Ali Hamdani: They always have personal interests involved.

  18. Although the past governments created Taliban, but it doesn’t necessarily means that they start acting against us. It was a mistake even accepted by the US, so now we should teach them that “Hey! Stop now, because we don’t want you anymore.” That’s the beauty of politics.

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