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Tahir ul Qadri Return to Pakistan

By Sameer Shaharyar • Dec 19th, 2012 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 13 Comments

Has establishment turned it’s eyes towards Tahir ul Qadri as alternate option of Imran Khan or they will patch up both Tahir and Imran to combat the PPP and PML-N come next elections? Things are as murky as they can be already, and with the upcoming return of chief of  Minhaj-ul-Quran International and  political party Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), crazy conspiracies are circulating in chilly Islamabad.

Tahir ul Qadri’s personality is quite ambiguous. Not in any suspicious sense, but masses in Pakistan are not clear about his motive. For instance, why he left Pakistan and lived in West for years? And more importantly why all of a sudden he is so upbeat and returning to Pakistan and chanting slogans like ‘Politics or State’?

Tahir ul Qadri has remained in power corridors in different governments. He has held some portfolios over the years in country and has denied some. He has addressed some  huge gatherings in India and in UK, but still has yet to make any thudding and resounding impact in Pakistan and that is what he intends to do this time as he returns in few days time.

What’s his program? What’s  his agenda? When he rebukes politics and says to save the state, what exactly he means? Is he paving the way for a dictatorial regime or Khilafat or some election-less presidential system? Or he just wants to become a caretaker premier and wants to enjoy a temporary glory?

Yes there are lots of question marks. With a disappointing performance of Imran Khan, there may be a chance that Tahir ul Qadri wants to exploit this gap. But like Imran Khan he knows that he would never be able to get majority or even considerable seats in the assembly, and so that is why he is hoping that he would be able to display some unrest in Punjab and Islamabad through his public gatherings and then malign politicians and call for a long term cleansing setup. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tsunami also supports this Tahir onslaught and they both become frontmen of establishment for the new unelected set up.

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13 Responses »

  1. I dont know why before hearing him, before knowing his plan we start blaming establishment?

    Establishment phobia must end now. In last four years, establishment fully support PPP, like a democratic way they follow the rulling government, Rather than blindly bashing,we should appreciate this.

    In Imran case, most of people blame Pasha,but Imran did successful gathering, especially Quetta Jalsa and Peace march against drone after the General pasha.

    PTI popularity decrease because of media bias behavior, especially bias behavior like Iraf Sadiqui and ata ul haq qasmi who always wrote against Imran. and Out english press is full of blogs and articles against Imran khan, even bases on one or two “miss-quoted” statment.

  2. Yes Qadri is not here to do politics, he is here to rule without politics.

  3. If Ata Qasmi and Irfan Siddiqui are writing against IK, then Haroon Rasheed, Hassan Nisar are writing in his complete favor.

  4. TBP, you still consider IK a crook too, or have changed your mind as always?

  5. He talks about peace which is good. I really am not sure, though, as why he remained outside of Pakistan for such a long time.

  6. Proceed with caution.

  7. Tahir Qadri owns big estate in Canada and his own TV channel. Who is funding him. He used to live in a small house in Shadman, Lahore.

  8. true_blue_pakistani

    I can show you allot of Hasan nisar articles and Haron rasheed article against IK policies. Show me a single Nawaz from Atta Ul Haq qasmi and Irfan sadiqui..

    Plus Atta Ul Haq Qasmi is a Punjab gvt employee!!!

  9. true_blue_pakistani

    Sir, let me clear one thing about me, I am a PTI supporter but I dont like Haroon rasheed and Hasan Nisar.But it is fact that as compared to Irafan and Qasmi these ppl some time write against IK steps.

    I dont like “analyst” become famous bkz of their biased behavior . From left wings writers to right wing writer as see this behavior.

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