Taher Shah Profile and Picture and Song

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Taher Shah is a new Youtube sensation, gaining immense popularity in a very short time. The fire spread from the social media and his song Eye to Eye is breaking all the records. The video of his song is simple and so are the lyrics and like everything else on social media, its not deep and not of highest quality, but it has caught on and has become viral.

This song is not really new, but was released on the social media some time back. But all of a sudden, it has gone viral and Taher Shah has become a new Internet sensation. Even in India, his songs are being aired and he is being mentioned in the entertainment news. With chubby and fat looks in his white suit, it`s quite a thing to sustain this song.

Taher Shah says, I wrote the lyrics with the vision to love one’s especially express and convey the feelings of one marvelous love to each other with “EYE TO EYE” because I sincerely believes in “EYES” true love and encourages it.

Well, the good music singers, poets, musicians and the people who love music must be eating their hearts out after seeing this madness on the social media. One Pound Fish, Psy and this Shah are all parts of same chain, and I dont know what chords do they touch and which thing they are addressing.

But nonetheless he is here and rocking for now on social media.

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