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Dating In Pakistan in 2012

By Mohammad Yusha • Apr 2nd, 2012 • Category: Features

Dating in Pakistan is looked down upon as it is an Islamic country, but a lot of boys and girls date anyway. From restaurants, cafes, parks, schools and colleges, a lot of romance takes place between unmarried people.
Although Islam does not allow the mixing of boys and girls, there is no harm if boys and [...]

The Search For Love, Approval, And Happiness

By Zahid Abdullah • Feb 18th, 2009 • Category: Misc

Love is what you are already. Love doesn’t seek anything. It’s already complete. It doesn’t want, doesn’t need, has no shoulds. It already has everything it wants, it already is everything it wants, just the way it wants it. So when I hear people say that they love someone and want to be loved in return, I know they’re not talking about love. They’re talking about something else.
Seeking love is how you lose the awareness of love. But you can only lose awareness of it, not the state. That’s not an option, because love is what we all are.
I already have everything. We all do

TPS Exposed Gari Shahoo Juice Centers Earlier : Dating Point for Lahori Girls and Boys

By Amna Gilani • Oct 7th, 2008 • Category: Misc

The Juice centers in Gari Shahoo where the blasts have occurred are the dens of dating and sex in Lahore. Pakistani girls and boys come for the sex in these centers and go into the secretive cabins. The juice center owners charge extra for using the cabins, and most of the girls come in these [...]