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By Faiza Iqbal • Mar 12th, 2013 • Category: Misc • 17 Comments

Our hero, our saviour and our ultimate leader Imran Khan has initiated a country wide ‘Change Volunteer’ campaign throughout the country. This campaign is there to raise awareness among the people of Pakistan as what exactly change stands for.

Youth from all over Pakistan, millions of them will go door to door and will let people of this country know as what PTI is going to do to bring change in the country, and how much their vote means to this process, and will convince them to vote for the PTI and Imran Khan tigers in order to change their plight and lives and above all to save Pakistan.

Yes its all about saving Pakistan, and PTI razakars are all set to rock the country with their tsunami of political campaign and the march of youth has begun and it will not settle for anything less than PTI rule in the Pakistan.

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