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Syeda Fiza Batool Gilani Praises Bilawal, Bakhtawar and Asifa

By Guest Blogger • Jul 26th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 26 Comments

Syeda Fiza Batool Gilani is the daughter of Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani and she has written the following worth-reading article in the News:

The stage was set and the moment had arrived. It was time to introduce the next generation of Bhutto and Zardari to the world– Bilawal, Bakhtawar and Assefa. Who would have imagined that these children, who had always preferred to stay away from the glitz and paranoia of the dangerous world of politics would one day be entering it albeit, owing to circumstances neither to their liking nor of their own doing. But it was the tragic and unfortunate assassination of their beloved mother that invoked them to change course and set afoot on a dangerous path trodden with surprises and anguish. While friends of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto say she always envisaged Bilawal becoming her political heir, they agree that she would not have wanted him to have to bear such a burden so young.

In an interview in 2004, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was asked if he wanted to enter Pakistani politics. “We will see, I don’t know. I would like to help the people of Pakistan, so I will decide when I finish my studies,” he said.

Today, he stood tall being forced into a decision much earlier than he would have imagined then.

A person’s character is best judged once he is pitted against odds. Bilawal had to endure the loss of his mother when he so needed her to be around him to pamper him, to love him and to see him grow. Yet he lost it all in the flash of a second. It was at this crucial moment in his life that there emerged a leader out of him in whose voice echoed the words of his mother “democracy is the best revenge”.

All these thoughts resonated through my head and my eyes flooded with tears as I sat in the Presidency on the 18th of July 2009, listening to the magnanimous speech delivered by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s only son and the Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party. The event was attended by the parliamentarians and ticket-holders of Pakistan People’s Party, who had been awarded tickets for the elections by Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto herself in 2007, along with their children and families.

This was not the first time that I had met Bilawal, Bakhtawar or Assefa, yet there was something different about Bilawal tonight. This young man standing on the podium, talking to the members of the party, formulated by his grandfather and nourished by his mother had come a long way from the libraries of Christ Church, Oxford. Today, he seemed like an embodiment of perfection, ideally suited to hold the reigns as a true heir to the legend of the party; a people’s man, a true Bhutto.

There were many who had gone to the event with doubtful minds. They wondered as to whether this young lad in his twenties, who did not even reside in this country, could be entrusted with the enormous responsibility of leading the largest political party of this country and in future, the country itself. And this is what he had to say to clear the doubts of one and all. “The Pakistan People’s Party can and will solve all challenges. As the future generation, what can we promise the people of Pakistan? We can promise them that we shall deliver what our older generation has not yet delivered.”

There was resolve, commitment, resoluteness but most importantly, there was recognition and acceptance of the fact that promises made had not entirely been fulfilled yet and it was the right of the people of Pakistan to point out the anomalies of the government in addressing the needs of the people.

This coming from the chairman of the party that is in government is a big accolade and surely, we Pakistanis are not used to such true self analysis and accountability.

On that evening, everybody present there saw Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto come to life again in Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. This young man has the potential, the capability and the courage to lead this party and this country forward. As I listened to Bilawal with tears in my eyes, I felt hope, hope that I had long forgone since the Shahadat of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. It just occurred to me sitting there that this was what Mohtarma meant once she aptly titled her last book ‘Reconciliation’. It is time to reconcile with the fact that the next generation of the Bhuttos is ready, ready to take on from where their predecessors left and when Bilawal says, “Khoon chaihay, khoon dein gay; sir chahiyay, sir dein gay, jaan chahiyay, jaan dein gay,” you know that this young man really means it because his name ‘Bilawal’ means “one without equal”.

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26 Responses »

  1. Dear Ms. Faiza Batool Gilani,

    your father is PM, your party is in power, jiyalas are ruling everywhere…..what more you want from us ???…..please keep your bloody propaganda to yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “Khoon chaihay, khoon dein gay; sir chahiyay, sir dein gay, jaan chahiyay, jaan dein gay,”

    Pakistani AWAM ka
    these bullsit peoples r ruler on us they will never become leaders because leaders r from peoples and they r devine political puppets

  3. “Jo Baychara theek say apni qaoomi zabaan nahi bool sakta woo ehsaas kaisay kar sakta hai aawaami mushkilaat ka”

  4. Khoon ,Jaan ur Sir Bhutto family he nay diya haiy.
    Baqi to nazuk andam loog Saudi Arab bhag jatay hain.


  6. Qadam barhao Bilawal hum tumhare sath hain…

    Peoples party has always faced such croticism. After Bhutto, Benazir faced same sarcasm and now heat is on for Bilwal…. but millions of people supporting true democracy are with you Bilwal…

    I know party hasn’t delivered too much yet but slowly and steadily the problems will be solved.

    Pakistan Paindabad

  7. Yes, Bilawal can lead PPP. He should continue his mother’s mission. I am sure that he will be able to serve Pakistani people like his grandfather and mother. No doubt PPP rendered sacrifices for people of Pakistan, democracy. I think Bilawal Bhutto is better choice.

  8. With reference to Miss Batool Gilani’s (daughter of the PM) article; A leader with vision, about Mr Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

    It is so heartening to see the next generation of rulers and their allies in such harmony already. Indeed it will be very kind of Mr. Bilawal to return to Pakistan one fine winter afternoon (summers are just too hot even if ones coming to become the king) and claim his ancestral birth right to rule the country and its people, also in the process inherit allies (like Ms. Gillani).

    Mr. Bhutto Zardari, as a humble servant from your inherited subject class, I welcome you with open arms (as if I have any another option) and assure you that I am fully aware of my standing and role in “YOUR” country and therefore offer you my services (including help you’ll require to communicate with the natives in “OUR” local language; Urdu).

    I realize that, basing in your political experience and intimate knowledge of this country and its people, you are the most suited person to lead the “Islamic Republic” during these hard times and will rescue us from the destruction course (fault of all previous regimes) with hopefully more than just a smile (just like your great father). Mr. Bhutto Zardari sir, although I was not there to hear that heartbreaking speech that moved Ms. Gillani so much but I will Inshallah be there to see many decisions (or lack of them) taken that will shake the whole nation, literally. Democracy (of this form) is indeed the best revenge from the people of this country.

    Sir, during the course of your parties political cause (get richer or die trying) I offer my unconditional-brain-dead (like a true jayala) support. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on becoming the ruler of Pakistan, in advance. My countrymen, as your loyal servants from “born to serve you forever” class will always welcome you and your children and their children till the time you along with your kind can successfully find a way of dividing this country beyond recognition. I must also here tell you that the kind of team you will inherit, it might come as a piece of cake for you. I wish you good luck and God help rest of us. (Match this Miss Gillani whose gonna be his Interior Minster now?)

  9. Well, the articulation of Fiza Batool is simply great, if she has indeed written it herself and hasn’t taken services of some kind of Hussain Haqqani.

  10. So, I have two questions, first, why them, why not us?? I mean I would think that all those dumb people who can’t do anything would look to oppourtunists, to lead them, but I know quite a few who are way better, why not them?? where the **** is true democracy where anyone, can contest and be taken seriously. I mean right now, in this so called democracy, I would rather, lie back then get thrown in a jail, for no apparent reason. Second, what have we done to deserve this, I mean wasnt zardari enough, we will now have to endure, bilawal toooo, please for the love of Allah, let us be, we don’t need your leadership. Let us live, we will [ray for your forgiveness, that’s a promise, just all of you sick dumb politicians leave Pakistan alone.

  11. Few Points:

    1. The grammar of the article is not correct.

    2. PPP claims that they are a democratic party.
    Where is the democracy in the party. It looks like that PPP is a dynasty of Bhutto.

    3. On what basis PPP choose Bilawal to lead them. Only because he is a son of bhutto.
    What a qualification!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. People saw the true face of PPP and PML(Q & N) now. They appoint the most corrupt people in the major fields. Hussain Haqqani, Salman Taseer are two of them.

    5. The only true leader is Imran Khan.

  12. It is very apt coming from a daughter of grave caretaker clan ( filthy rich on peoples alms) praising the future ruler/caretaker of another double graves caretaker clan in the making. Only this time they dont get rich on alms, but on peoples votes, a mean to the same end, loot maar of the public assets!!
    Long live the Grave Caretaker Dynasties, or simply Nasties of Pak-istan!

  13. Well ….. speaking from heart

    I can find my feelings in Ms Fiza’s words , that i it looked like Mr Z.A Bhutto speaking in the face of Bilawal , i really coud not trust my eyes , same spark , same heroic posture and again same body language …

    PPP is the party who has given sacrifices more than any other in this country and yet writer here poast criticism, they are the one’s who just don’t say it but do it . . people here talking about Bilawal to come back to pakistan one fine winter , hey why do not you ask Altaf Bhae (DON of muttahida) to come back and supervise your sharp shooters in the city, well not changing the topic ,

    People of pakistan could not think of any thing when they saw the assassination of their giant great leader Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto , but God has something superior than what we think ,
    Zardari sahab than Bilawal (a true leader for the people) , appreciable how the party has been managed by these heirs of Mohtarma.

    Long Live Democracy … Long live PPP … Long Live Pakistan

  14. salam.
    daikhain app sub apni apni jagah theek hain .daikhain jiss system main raha jaee usi main chalna parta hay logonh kay pass aik waqt hota hay kay woh vote kay zreay change laeen ,aur yeh mouqa peoples party ko khuda nay dia hay kay woh rule agar 60 @ log vote jaise manat pole naheen karty to iss main system aur bilawal ka koi qasoor naheen hay .us ki man aur nana nay kafi qurbanian di hain .jss say inkar naheen kia ja sakta .
    fiza ji app kay walid sahab nay bhe kafi serve kia hay app himat karain likhti rahain ,, app kay words ahmiat rakhtay hain in comments say bilkul disheart na hoon ,jo comments karta hay usay maidan main akay aik do vote bna kay system ko theek karnay kay liay sherooat karni chahyee..iss tarah heart breaking comments karna kafi asan hay .lakin samnay akay awam kay liay kuch karna kafi tough ho jata hay.

  15. What a dumb writing it was, out of 570 Million her mother settled the case with only 43 Million payment, quite sure tht would be in installment as well.People get heartattack of the bank rogemens to recoverr only few thousand. Pakistan is not for these (M.A.Z.A.R.A.T)s and let the Justice Prevail in the court or Put a price on yourself, maybe that could atleast benefit your family.

  16. Pehle p p p kehti hai k mujhe wot pher me ap ko sab kuch dun ga bhen benzeer keh rahe thee roti kapra aur makan bhen shaheed us k baad awam ko kuch nahi mel raha,

  17. Fiza, I hope Bilawal will not marry you. so convert your direction to some one else.

  18. Please please leave that country alone. We dont need aseefa, bilawal. Bakhtawar.we can not affort them anymore. Please go somewhere else leave that country alone. They all maskheray

  19. Nice
    May Allah give Faiza Batool courage to work for poor Pakistan and poor people not like her father and other rulers
    and Also listen if you adopt the same way like ur father and other rulers than we youth of Pakistan will not allow you to do that because now youth of Pakistan is quite aware and understand who is doing just acting or real work

    Ali Gardezi
    Pakistan Zindabad
    Jyay Pakistan
    Awaam Zinda hay

  20. We need a Plateform where we can gather to kick these looters out of our country.

    if u research, u will feel these people have a plateform. i cant express but this plateform is some kind abstract form like “Mutual interests, wealth, looting, polotics, industry”

    infect they are intelligent more than the rest of pakistanies,
    rather genius

    thay have understood their joint interest and doing according to it,

    just like a group of lions in a jungle who are enemies of each other but for their food join hands,

    and on the other hand, u see, the rest of the dumb pakistani nation is like a flock of foolish dears or zebras [;-)]

    they, together, hunt upon us and enjot the party
    and rule the jungle

    we just worried for our grazing

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