student loan scheme 2013 Pakistan forms applications website

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Government of Punjab and government of Pakistan has announced an easy loan scheme for the students. This scheme is specifically beneficial for those students who want to pursue their studies, or loan to start small business, or online start-up in Pakistan. This loan would enable them to become self-sufficient and self-sustained.

All the major banks of Pakistan included the National Bank, Allied Bank, and many others have become part of this scheme and so this scheme has got government backing plus all the prerequisites from the financial institutions across the country. This scheme is for everyone and the only criteria is the merit. There is no differentiations on the basis of political or ethnic affiliation and this has been vetted by the transparency international and other reputed organizations.

If you are a student and suffering from financial hardships and constraints, but you are willing to work hard and change your life, then you should apply for this loan. Remember that this is your responsibility and there is so much at stake here for you and your family. You need to have a plan as what exactly would you like to do in your life and then you should purse that path with the help from the government.

And this is a loan, remember? So you need to pay it back. If people would pay it back, only then it will carry on and become a success and would enable others to stand on their feet too.

So avail this chance and become part of the education revolution in the Pakistan.

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