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stick cricket world cup 2011 online game and tricks

By Guest Blogger • Jan 18th, 2011 • Category: Entertainment, Misc • 7 Comments

The Pakistani nation is in the grip of cricket fever like other nations as the world cup approaches.

is a place to play sports games, compete against others, support your team, and talk to other sports fans.

It’s free, fun and utterly fantastic.

We provide interactive online sports games that capture the attention of male professionals. Through a variety of sports channels, we deliver compelling, addictive and unique content to a predominantly adult audience.

Games from Stick Sports are free to play, and run from any web browser with the Macromedia Flash player plug-in and Internet access.

“The Live Search Challenge was a very popular game generating great exposure, traffic and use of Live Search, and ultimately played an important part in its launch success.”

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