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Standard Education in Pakistan

By Guest Blogger • Mar 12th, 2010 • Category: Politics • 7 Comments

The standards of education in government school are very low and deteriorating day by day. We have noticed that the result of government schools in board examination is very poor. Over the years the results are becoming poor and poorer but institutions are showing fake results,

The first reason behind this performance is that students want to do short cuts. Therefore they do not work hard and when the exam starts they try their short cuts, If it works they get success and if not they fails.

They second reason behind this performances is that the classes in government schools are over crowded. The teachers could not give attention to all the student’s .That is why the teacher as well as students loses their interests in study.

The thirds reason is the extreme work load on teachers. Almost all the schools in government sectors have shortage of teachers as a result the teachers have to take eight periods a day. Therefore he can not do justice with his job and the result is this.

Another big reason is the show off quality in our society .The people who have money (Which I think every one has) send their intelligent children to the private schools and their dull or less intelligent one to the public (Government) Schools .Since students in government schools are already less intelligent they show poor results .

Also the reason behind this poor performance is the attitude of the students. When a teacher gives some attentions to a student and he starts performing well, after some time the teacher try to improve the performance of other students, the first student feels negligence and get discourage or becoming afraid of losing his position he compels his parents to shift him to a private school .Thus government schools loose a good students and the credit goes to private school.

Many of students belong to poor families therefore their parents send them to government (Public) Schools. As education in government schools is free the parents as well as the students do not take tensions about results rather the parents ask their wards to run their own small business in evening which also helps the students to lose their interest in studies

Contract system is also very big reason in the poor and low standard education in government schools .The teachers appointed on contract basis feel job insecurity therefore they look for better or secure jobs in the country or abroad when the get the job their post remains for years

Low salary package is another problem because teachers all the time thinks his or her own problems (Managing home budged) as he becomes unable to live better as to get good facilities of Hiring, Food (Balanced-diet), Medical. Conveyance to reach job point therefore when demand of his or her ward becomes unable to manage so all the time he becomes serious and appears to be confused and he completes his job as a fatigue rather with joy. It results lack of interest in his duties.

In the end I have some suggestions:

1: First the government should stop free education immediately at least in the early stages i-e up to higher secondary level.

2: Secondly the government should impose high certificate fees so that the students and parents should think ten times before leaving the school.

3: The government should impose fine on the students and parents separately who show poor performance in exams.

4: Another suggestion is that the government should limit the number of students in each class or section

5: One suggestion is that the work load on a teacher should be lessen with immediate effect

6: The last suggestion is that the contracts system should be abolished and all the vacancies should be filled through open competition.

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  1. What can one expect when there is nothing really being done to improve the sector of education. 2% of GDP goes into education and that is IT!! USA that we are so used to criticize, we should look at their good parts. Quality education till grade 10 is free and other than that so many hardship grants, scholarships and other opportunities. Our country sadly receives so many grants on education basis but they no1 really utilizes it. Destroying our own future.

  2. The state of affairs of education in Pakistan is in decay. A lot has to do with the amount of government spending as the state only spend 0.5 percent of its GDP on education. Which is why we see such a stark difference between the standards of public and private institutions, while the state needs to invest more into education, we have to ensure that the foreign donations which make the most of money being distributed in education sector is utilized in fair and transparent manner so that the donors invest more in social reforms projects.

    Education has long been seen as threat to the Taliban ideology, Because it enables us to think reasonably and to differentiate between right and wrong.

  3. The reason for the ever worsening condition of education in Pakistan has been its limited fiscal resources. After the war on terror, the condition of education worsened even more. But this recent aid given for the development of the social sector particularly in the education and health sector is a ray of hope to put these two sectors on the right track.

  4. Pakistanis do not need education.It is the poor hindoo kaffirs who does.

  5. Will Pakistani Children ever get educated ???

  6. in BALUCHISTAN there is still the british educatinal systm…which are rejeced all over the world….

  7. Days are becoming difficult for Pakistanis.we have to fight and claim our basic due rights.Pakistan should have been made a welfare state rather than Islamic republic. Its funny… our president had failed many times in o levels and god knows from where he had received his a levels education(that college was never found in UK) this country is ever going to spend huge budget on education !its a pity our budget is lower than that of Bangladesh, Nepal and Maldives.Why would any government like to invest in long term?

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