Somebody Help Pakistani Media

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With Tahir ul Qadri gone and Long March evaporated, Pakistani media, and especially the electronic media is in trouble to find a topic of discussion these days. People like Kamran Khan and various others are yearning for their marathon parades of telecasts and already missing Dr. Tahir.

Had this media not given twenty four coverage to Tahir ul Qadri, he wouldn’t have lasted four days during his long march. Even then he seemed frustrated and tired and ran away in a jiffy after signing the printed accord with the Yazeedi forces. Media earned its keep and justified the millions of rupees given to all channels on daily basis, paid from Dubai by the Minjah accounts.

Anyway, he is gone and interestingly there is no major event going on. Not even the TTP has struck. Other routine things are still going on like Karachi target killings, load shedding, and so on, but that’s not what brings the ratings, and so this topic famine is getting at the nerves of the anchors and their pay masters.

This is the time where we can strikingly observe as how the lack of education diminishes the merits of awareness. Yes, the so-called awareness this electronic media is creating isn’t really raising the awareness among the masses for their rights, and that is why you still see the same political and military and judicial shenanigans.

For most of the viewers, the daily talk shows are just the drama. They watch them from their couches and beds to pump their adrenaline, and to get that spice for the eyes. Most of them now verbatim know as what an anchor would say, and what would be the responses of the usual grind of guests.

And we wait for revolution here. duh !!!

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