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Solution to Balochistan Problem

By Shayan Khan • Aug 11th, 2009 • Category: Politics, Worth A Second Look • 16 Comments

Let me state it loud and clear, no one else has the right to solve the problems of Balochistan province of Pakistan except the people of Balochistan. Pakistan Army or Frontier Constabulary or Agencies don’t have to worry about solving the problems of Balochistan, they must be worrying about defending the borders of Balochistan.

On every road in Balochistan, there are checkposts of FC. In the nights, people are stopped on these checkposts and they are interrogated. Nowhere else in Pakistan such attitude is meted out to the people. Balochistan is the 40% of Pakistan and it’s extremely sad situation out there. Then why not anger should be boiling in that province?

Never Balochi leaders say that they are ready to lead the Sindhi people in getting rid of Waderas and they have never enforced themselves upon the Punjabi people to wipe out the Jageerdars and Chaudharys and they have never landed themselves in the NWFP to kill the Khans. Then why people from Punjab, Sindh, NWFP and Islamabad take it upon themselves to become smug and self-righteous and give solutions to the Balochistan problems? Why they start leading the Balochistan, when Baloch leaders are there?

That is the real problem. Balochistan should be taken as Punjab, Sindh and NWFP and yes, the Islamabad. Pakistan Army should also make it’s image better in that province and should disappear from the scene and go to the borders. FC should be called back, and the old Levis should be recalled with the responsibility of Baloch Sardars in their respective areas. Balochistan’s cities, towns and villages should be given priority and preference for Sui gas, minerals, and other basic necessities of life.

Last but not least, everyone should be made to join the national stream. Political leadership should come forward and bring back even the likes of Brahamdagh Bugti and Herbiyar Muri and give them the responsibilities. It’s time we do the right things at the right time.

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16 Responses »

  1. Hi Shayan,
    Baloachs were NOT part of pakistan the land of pure islam created in 1947. They joined you only in 1950. But your leadership which killed the first PM of Pakistan got into serving SAUDI ARABIA and wanted that brand of Islam and this suited USA.
    Baloachs and pathans(remember Khan Abdul khan the FRONTIER GANDHI) used to treat Hindus with respect and now they know what is to be in a land of Pure islam and they donot like it after killing of Bugti in a cave while baitullah Mehsud has to be killed by Americans on your behalf, they are up inn revolt. The more you say Indias RAW is involved the more angry they become.

  2. Shayan,

    Good job, but half hearted effort.

  3. @1 Johann:
    Enough is enough. We’ve had enough of your vicious propaganda against our dear homeland Pakistan!

    Please don’t poke your nose into our internal affairs. Sitting in Bangalore, what do you know about on the ground situation here? Baluchistan has always been part of Pakistan so kindly stop your illicit propaganda here. We all know that India is fueling the insurgency in our tribal regions and in Baluchistan province. This has been confirmed by the RAND Corporation, an independent US Think Tank. Your Indian consulates are directly involved in this dirty game. Just wait and see, when our patience runs out and our gallant Pak Army hits your consulates, dens of conspiracy in Afghanistan, in preemptive cross border strikes!

    As for your Pakhtoon affinity, Pakhtoons are proud patriotic citizens of Pakistan. You are forgetting here that it were the Pakhtoons who in Kashmir taught your Indian Army a lesson back in 1948.

  4. Hassan Amin,

    Chill dude. If you believe what RAND corporation has said about India then are you ready to believe what they have said about Pakistan? They have said that Pakistan is a failed country and the most dangerous place on earth. The only thing is possible in the country to prepare terrorists and nothing more.

    Your views awaited.

  5. Johann, Pls grow up, out of your cocoon of hate, Go to ganga and take a bath so your sins are washed away.Then ask your shaktimann to give you an ariel tour of balochistan.Once you are convinced that Pakistan harbours 170 million demons, then send your gabar singhs and Hanumans. to quench your love for the Pakis. You are a gate crasher and are not welcome in this forum, Pls visit your kind of website called gigles.

  6. FAKIR

    i have a job for you in the neighborhood circus as a JOKER.

    do apply soon.

  7. Enough of these Vaderas and Political leaders. We know what they have given us in previos 62 years. And people of Baluchistan have seen these Vaderas and Bugtis snatching their right. Let there Vaderas come equal to the poor people whom they consider low and sick. They have suppressed the people so that no one can rise before them. Still you want these Bloody leaders and Vaderas. Let there be equality in the country. There is no Pathan, Sindhi, Punjabi or Balochi. Let there be equal educational and justice system for the poor and the rich. Let Bilawal come in that line where the children of poor farmer keep standing for hours for a pack of sugar. Let these Politians be brought to justice for each penny of this state they have engulfed rather not of this state but of those poor people who has sacrificed their blood and butter for this country. Let us bring the people of Baluchistan where they can understand their problems. And please donot bring these feudal lords into any of the matters of the people coz they are the eater of the peoples even taxes and what not and what not. So let our people come to a point where no such vadera is required to ask for the solution of any prob why not those shud ask whose prob it is. Let the children of these Vaderas study in the same school where the son of a labourer or butcher study, why shud the children of a mechanic work in the workshop at the age of 10 years why not the son of that bloody Feudal Lord who goes to Edjeson College be there with him or both of them shud study in the same school. My friend let us bring justice and equality in our society then there is no need for any beaurocat to comment or solve our problems these will automatically solved. thnx

  8. “”"Let me state it loud and clear, no one else has the right to solve the problems of Balochistan province of Pakistan except the people of Balochistan.”"”

    This first statement of yours, seems to me is sooo wrong. Why do you say its only the ‘people of Balochistan’? Don’t you think solving Balochistan problem is a responsibility of ALL people of Pakistan?

    Also, you say Balochistan is part of Pakistan, then why do you really want to differentiate as ‘people of Balochistan’ and OTHER Pakistanis?

    The problem with Balochistan as i understood it is humanitarian: they need their share of jobs, funds, education, politics, etc. This cannot be achieved without OTHER Pakistanis consent.

  9. Nothing but Liberation from Iran and Pakistan is soulation.

  10. salaam to All….
    it is extremely disappointing to see that none of you were able to give any mature and practical suggestion for the solution of the problem…
    first of all…the federal government needs to apologize to the people of balochistan for their miseries as it has had a direct role in creating the circumstances that prevail in the most strategically and economically important province of Pakistan….
    secondly a forward-looking approach needs to be adopted for the resolution of the problem…the government needs to start taking action right now as there is no time to waste… a distinction between the good guys and the bad guys is critical…the good guys are the baloch people, the impoverished masses, and the bad guys are the ones who are promoting their wested interests by using the plight of the poor people as a veil…
    balochistan is getting only 163 rs per cubic feet as a royalty for natural gas…whereas the same is 2300 in sindh..600-800 in punjab and 1200 in nwfp…thats a shame…finance minister shaukat tareen has announced equal royalty for all provinces…a step in the right direction…baochistan’s job quota in federal institutions needs to be increased immediately…
    baloch people need to be given a realisation that the center is working for their rights and once this realization is conveyed it is certain that these very people will stand up against the sardars who are responsible for low literacy rates and adverse health standards…as these sardars are the ones who deny their subjects a chance to rise out of poverty so as to keep a tight grip on the proceedings… these sardars are the people whose own children are getting educated from oxford and harvard and yet the poor subjects are not even allowed primary aducation and basic amneties of life… all this to promote their sardari…
    as far as the involvement of the foreign hand is concerned… any one with half a brain understands that india has an interest in destablising the region as china and pakistan want to develop this region into the hub of economic activity through gawadar port, thereby giving china direct access to the gulf of harmuz…

    In a nurtshell ,. the solution to the problem lies in winning over the hearts and minds of Baloch masses through progressive measures including economic, social and security measures…and crushing with force the elements that have an interest in using the fragile situation to promote their heinous designs..

  11. i say only jiya baloch!!!
    jiya balochistan!!!
    because we have no time for correction!
    this is not a page ” like you write on page anything & if you dont like the result then want to erase”!!
    this is the story of lives!! this is the story of sacrifices!!! this is the story of cruelty!!! this is also the story of independence!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now just see & enjoy from result of cruelties my baby!!!

  12. The problem of balochistan problem is to provide opportunities to all of people to other provinces in coming five year and completely focus to settle these people over there they will come into national stream and gradually reduce the development project from balochistan and shift them to other province but give opportunity to only people from balochistan. It will not only bring them into national stream but also create interaction between other provinces and lot of money can be save, because to start a development project is not effective because of low population and where a big infrastruce and road network needed. No doubt we pakistani should show full sencerity to provide full opportunity to baloch people, please take these comment into possitive sense not negative.

  13. A forgotten great patriot serviceman from Balochistan.Air Marshal Changezi has a great record of service to Pakistan. I remember Sq.Ldr. Sharbat Ali Changezi when he was posted in Sargodha and he was a role model of the students of that time. He is a great person from Balochistan and authorities in Islamabad should consider to assign him any responsibility in these difficult days of Balochistan.( A newly created position of Deputy Governor could be an example.) I am sure he will be welcomed in this troubled province by all quarters of the population. I wish him a great success

  14. The only solution to this kind of problems in country is to face and discuss them in real spirit. All three four top office holder in order of merit and authority should go and meet with concerning leadership in the province of Balouchistan and find out the facts on the ground. Balouchistan is an important part of the country and the biggets part too, could not / should not be ignored as it has been since long. Final and the last solution is the good governance. Appointment of trusted man of federal government and acceptable to the concerning parties in Balouchistan should be appointed as Deputy Governor, taking care of the Balouch nationalism issue with best of his abilities and concern by meeting every body not only the sardars and tribal head but ordinary citizen of this ignored area of the country. With all best wishes to all in the country. KHWAJA AFTAB SHAH, USA

  15. Balochistan is a respectable province of Pakistan and peoples of Balochistan had a very hard life in the past, now in this democracy age we must give the equal rights and facilities to our baloch brothers, so that long time enemy of our home land (coward India) should not make conspiracy like in past.

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