Social Media for Online Business in Pakistan

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Doing business in Pakistan is not a simple thing. Well doing business is both rewarding and challenging everywhere in the world, but in Pakistan we have some added complexities of unfavorable environment, uncertainty at the political front, rampant corruption, red tape, and rising poverty, but even then business is where the people are.

More and more people are resorting towards opening a website to do an online business in Pakistan and that trend is growing. But almost 90% of these business dont see the light of the day and the sites become orphan within months of their so lofty inauguration. What are the things which are going wrong and what can be done to have a good start and then for its sustenance?

Well, for online business online marketing is the key. You have the right product and you have the right service and you know that people are looking for it, but its all in vain if those right people dont know about your right product. So what can you do to let people know. Yes go where people are. Most of the Pakistanis lurk on facebook or the chat groups. So that is the perfect avenue to start and then keep on highlighting your products and services.

The key to use facebook for marketing is to engage with the people. Not just shout out your product, rather engage people. Talk with them, take feedback and then give out feedback and this conversation would take you to new heights and would bring you instant traffic which would be very useful for your product or service.

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