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Sifli Amal

By Mohammad Yusha • Aug 14th, 2009 • Category: Mystic Matters • 20 Comments

Sifli Amal is magic using shayateen. Magicians need to befriend shayateen and in order to do so, they first have to fulfill their wishes and obey their commands. In this manner, they truly become devil worshippers.

To begin with, magicians need a dirty and filthy environment. The dirtier the environment, the happier the shayateen. Secondly, the magician needs to stay impure. The more impure he is, the stronger will be his magic when he uses it. He must remain filthy and cannot take a bath. Then he must eat dirty and filthy things such as pork, dead lizards. This is hard to believe, but it is true. During all this time he continues reading kufr mantars to please them.

Only after fulfilling all their wishes can the magician use their help but little does he know that they are shayateen and no one’s friend. Their wishes never stop. They will keep asking him to sacrifice animals in their name and a lot of other things and if the magician ever refuses or fails to fulfill a single command they make his life hell. They continue torturing him mentally and physically. He will at times feel a painful pressure in his head and/or pain in his body until he obeys. If he still does not obey, his family members pay the price, with death.

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Click For More Articles By Mohammad Yusha I am very grateful to The Pakistani Spectator and Ghazala Khan for allowing me to write on TPS. There is a lot of awareness and information on politics and social issues but very little on magic. Magic is a reality and is destroying people's lives. It is a duty to help and educate people on this subject. God bless you all.
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  1. Yusha
    your magic knowledge is upto that level where our 80 years old family members are still living.Do you ever think that such thing exist around us. I have many times visited and stayed in some houses which are called haunted or under sufli alim but after studying the extreme hidden frustration in life styles of few family members of such houses one can understand the root cause of such acts around us.Very serious social crimes have been seen under the name of such ugly acts.

  2. wow you have great imagination….. we all love our stories…

  3. Edited

  4. how filthy u r Mr. black magician!

  5. How stupid u r Mr. Jahil. Calling a Muslim a black magician?

  6. God gave you reason to study rationalism and science not this rubbish. Only if you believe it can it harm you

  7. Mr Yusha:
    What rubbish?
    If there was such a thing as black magic, Nawaz would have had it done on zardari and Musharaf. Tha Kashmiris would be doing it to the Indians.
    The Palestinians would be doing it to the Israelis.
    Give us all a break with this rubbish.
    Only God’s prophets could perform miracles.
    All magic is believing in the unbelievable. No one has ever seen a Jinn. Stories in the holy books are stories. Please do not believe them. References in Surah Falaq are to the creatures of the night, like snakes and other animals, Mischief of darkness, ie we cannot see in the dark and the anger of the jealous.

  8. Ms Tina, Mr.and Kashif and all others. AA


    JAADU /BLACK MAGIC, is a fact, people deny but when they suffer,then they have to accept. All above-mentioned symptoms are true and they might exist becouse of jaadu.But not every time ,brother; it is time of science and technology,every thing,disease, gets clear by medical reports, But when all reports are ok,problemos there, and (specialist) doctors are COMPELLED to say that it is BEYOND OUR UNDERSTANDING, it clearly shows that there is SOMETHING,and this SOMETHING is actually jaadu.
    And second thing or clear symptom when any patient like that is given some spiritual treatment ,damm, water,etc , he feels better immediately ,if it is becous of some EVENTS as u say ,then there should not be any effect on him. this immediate effect shows that it is something like that , otherwise if it is some disease then there sholdnt be any effect ,. hope u will rethink. i am available here for further informatiom,and queries, wassalaam .

  9. haha wow its so sad to see the “enlightened” paki generations. So consumed by the western ideas and teachings that they forget their own Quran and what it tells you. Black magic is a fact, it happened on our Prophet (PBUH). But I guess part of being “enlightened” is to stay away from your own culture, traditions and most importantly, your religion, isn’t it?
    All of you should be highly ashamed of yourself to deny a reality proclaimed by Quran to be true. Even if this is not exactly how it happens, who knows, but its the truth. The person above claiming if jadoo was real nawaz would do on zardari and palestinians on israelites. How the hell do you know that they do or they don’t already?
    I’ve delved into this field for years and have seen some mind boggling things. Didn’t you read in Quran that the ancient egyptians were masters of magic? Hazrat Musa was up against the sorcerers of egypt. IT IS REAL.
    The person above who claims it doesnt happen anymore, how do you know? Shayateen are the basic element of true black magic, Shaytan was around before humans were made, and will be around as a promise made between him and Allah. So if he’s arround magic is arround.
    Its so simple and easy for you jahil ppl to dismiss stuff you can’t see and you don’t know about. What about jinns? you don’t see them so they don’t exist? Surah An-Náas TELLS you they do, so where are they?
    What do you know about freemasons? what do you know about kabbalah? what do you know about their connections with each other and ancient egypt? do you know American pioneers were freemasons and so believers in the sun god Ra? THE GOD OF ANCIENT EHYPTIANS. Magic is all around us but hidden. It is practiced very freely all they way from the gutter to the upper echelons of the highest societies of the world.
    If you guys are so enlightened and educated, maybe you should have a read on the String Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Multi-Verse theory. Space and time are not linear quantities anymore. There are 11 dimensions discovered so far. A detailed study of quantum mechanics leaves a person dumbfounded and amazed. Science is finally crossing the boundaries of reason.
    WHERE ARE YOU LIVING PPL? acquire knowledge, both of the world and of hereafter through Quran and science.

  10. It is enough for those who may understand.

  11. God bless them and shower hiss countless blessings upon them.

  12. God bless mukhtar bibi and nasir abbas and may Allah succeed them in every field of life.

  13. mera masla ye ha ke mare bhan ne mujhe bhaut bara dhoka dya ha me chati hun ke app kuch aesa aamal karen ke ius ko nasehat ho or saza bhe mile masla ye ha ke mare bhan ne mujh se apne batey ke leye apni bete or mare bete ke lye apni bete ka rishta manga jis per me razi ho gaye or dono k beach me ye baat pakki ho gaye lakin mujhe pata nhe thake woh mare sath dhokh kare ge ius ne chup chap apni betey ka rishta aik aamir ghar me pakka ka dya jahan se ius ko zameem or makan ka asara tha or bete ka rishta bhe ammir ghar me kar dya mujhe is bat ka malom nhe tha ius ne lalacch me ye kam kya jab mujhe pta chalato bhaut duck hua ius ne mare baccho ko aasre me rakha ab me chate hun k app koi aesa amal karenk ius ko saza mile mare bhan ka nam SHAHINA ha ius ke shoar ka nam SULEMAN ha ius ke betey ka nam NOMAN ha or ius ke bete ka nam FARHA ha app plz mare madad karenor aesa amal karen k wo dubara rishta mare bacho k sath karne pe majbour ho jaye

  14. @Ali…

    Sharam karo mere bhai… koi bhi musalman kisi dusrey musalman ko dukh nahi de sakta. kisi ko bhi aisa koi haq nahi hai… yeh toh phir bhi tumhari behen hai, aur tum uska bura soch rahey ho ? kya tumhe Allah ta’ala ka koi khauf nahi ? Tum chahte ho koi koi maulana kisi tarah ka amal de tumhe ya kuch karein taake tumhari behen ko saza milein aur upar se tumhari nafsi khwahishat bhi puri ho ? kis kism ke musalman ho tum… kya sochey ga tumhara Allah jab tumhari aisi soch hai ? tumhe shayad bahut dukh aur takleef paunchi hogi is baat se ke tumhari behen muqar gayi apney vaadey se lekin tumhe koi haq nahi ke tum badley ki aag mein ussey hi takleef paunchao …. Agar tum ek sachey musalman ho toh jaan lo ke jo insan aisa karta hai, jo bura chahta hai kisi aur ke liye usse itni bura saza miley gi aakhirat mein, ke jiska tum andaza bhi nahi laga saktey….
    Allah ta’ala ne hum musalmano ko samjhaya hai ke sabr karo har dukh aur pareshani takeleef main sirf or sirf Allah ta’ala ko yaad karo aur unse maangon… jab insan ko Allah se kuch nahi milta toh woh dusrey raaste apna ta hai takey uskey nafsi kaam aur maange puri ho… yeh dusra rasta hai JADU !!
    aise kahin nakli maulanas/shaykhs/alims hain india/pakistan main jinke paas tumhare jaisi insan jaate hai, jo logon ke liye bura chahtey hain, ya kuch maangte hai bina jaane ke kya woh tareeqa halal bhi hai ya nahi…. hasad, buri nazr, jalan, badla yeh sab shaytan ko khush karwatein hai, aur Allah ta’ala ko bhi naraz kartey hain… itna toh tum bhi jante hoge mere bhai….
    bahut saare maulanas jadu kartey hain, aur khuda na karein ke tum kisi aise maulana ke paas chale jao jo jadu karta hai….
    tumhe shayad iss baat ka ilm na ho ke jadu karne ko jahannum ke ilawa aur koi rasta nahi miley ga aakhirat main… aur jo jadu karwana chahta hai ussey bhi wohi saza milegi toh phir soch lo ke tum kya chahte ho… mujhe umeed hai ke tumne abhi tak aisi koi harkat nahi ki hogi, ke tum kisi maulana/amil ke paas gaye ho apni behen se badla lene ke liye… yeh sach hai ke woh alim zarur tumhari behen ko dukh aur takleef pauncha sakta hai apne jadu ke saaath… yeh na smajna ke woh jadu halal hai, nahi yeh SHIRK hai !! Allah ta’ala ke siwa aur kisi ke paas nahi jaa saktey kuch mangne ke liye… haan kisi aur se keh saktey hain ke dua karo mere liye ke Allah acha karein… lekin sirf itna hi, iss se zyada nahi !!
    agar tum kuch aur chahtey ho jaise ke apni behen ko dukh wagera toh woh alim tumse bahut kuch puchey ga aur tumse bahut kaam karwaye ga…. jaise ke kisi cheez ki qurbani do, yeh sab paro, gandi gandi jagaun par ja ke ye karo… maa ka naam bhi puchey ga, yeh sab jadugars kartey hain…. Yeh sab islam ke khilaf hai aur agar tumne aisa kuch ka r bhi liya toh maafi mangana shuru karlo kyunke Allah ta’ala ka sakht azaab aayega uss insan par jo kisi jadugar se kuch mangta hai….
    yeh dhongi alims/ sirf jadu se kisi insaan ko takleef de saktey hain aur tumhari maange puri kar saktey hain… jadu se yehi maulana’s jinns aur shayateen se rapta rakhtey hain aur unse apne kaam karwatey hai, unse madat lete hain.. tumhe yeh sab nahi pata hoga par yehi sach hai aur issi baat se hamarey pyari nabi muhammad, sallalhu alaihi wa salam aur sahaba e karam ne sakht mana kiya hai…
    wohi jinns aur shayateen tumhari behen aur uski family par bheje jayen ge lekin iss kaam ke badley main woh ussi alim/jadugar se kuch maange ge… woh jadugar tumse kuch karne ko maange ga taake uskey shaytaan jo uski madat kartey hain, khush ho jayen…. aisa bahut hota hai india/pak main, hasad ki aag main, badley ki aag main log apney burey kaam karwatey hain jiss se Allah ta’ala kabhi bhi nahi khush hongey… shirk or jadugars ki maafi nahi… woh toh aakhirat main hi pata chaley ga…
    mere bhai har kaam karney se pehle Allah ta’ala ka zarur soch lena, ke kya woh tumharey kaam, tumhari baatein, tumharey khayalat se raazi hain ?? agar phir bhi tum apni nafsi khwahishat puri karna chahtey ho, toh tum shaytan ke bahut kareeb ho aur Allah ta’ala se bahut door… agar tumhari dua Alah nahi sun ta toh tumhe khud sochna chahiye ke kya tum apni zindagi main woh sab kar rahey ho jo Allah ta’ala aur rasul ne kaha ? paanch waqt ki namaz, roz ke adhkar, subha shaam, qurbani dena, zakat dena, logon ke saath acha pesh aana chahey duniya buri ho tumharey saath par tum phir bhi sabr se Allah ko khush karne ki sochna… yeh saab agar karo ge toh Allah ta’ala tumhari suneinge…
    Main bhi tumhara ek bhai hun aur nahi chahta ke tum is aag main jal jao jaisi pehle bahut se jaltey aayen hai… agar tumhari behen ne aisa kiya hai toh usse Allah ta’ala puchenge akhirat main, tum apne aap nahi kisi aur se uska bura chah saktey… saza sirf Allah ta’ala denge…. tum jo kar rahe ho woh Allah ta’ala se nahi, sirf jinno se kaam karwa rahe ho…
    bas ainda kisi bhi aadmi ka bura na chahna meri yehi guzarish hai mere bhai, Allah ta’ala se daro, apna deen seekho aur maafiya maangon apne gunaho ki… hum sab gunehghar hain mere bhai….
    as salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu !



  16. yaar bohat hi bakwas hai
    koi jadoo seekhne k liye word batayo ya koi chila btao

  17. Being a muslim dont believe on these magics etc. But yes i beleive on AMULET. pls. all read the tafseer of surah Falaq & surah Nas in the Holy Quran.

  18. Salaam Alaikum! Meri aik question hai. Merey husband aur mujhpe kisi nai sifli amal karwaya hai takey hum aik dusray sai larr ke alag hojain. Ab meri Maa aik mufti sab ke paas gai thi jin honay humay yeh bataya ke koi aurat hai joh hum pe yeh amal kar wa rahi hai. Mera sawal yeh hai ke agar mai unsay taweez lungi to kaisey pata chalay ga ke woh jadu to nahi kartay. Jaisey Servant of ALlah nai likha hai ke kuch maulana bhi hotay hain joh jadu kartay hain. i dont know if i should trust him or not. Aisa bhi to hosakta hai woh us amal ke against mujhay tafeez bana kar dain aur woh bhi jadoo ka ho. Lekin jitna mujhay pata hai woh quran ki ayatein detay hain to unpe trust kia jasaktay hain. Can you guide me pls. Thnk

  19. I was attacked with sifli amal by lots of devil worshippers and I was not able to even properly walk. I contacted Peer sahab from okara and he fixed me in one day. He as a blessing came to my house on first Ashra of Ramazan 2012 and when I woke up I was feeling extremely better. Then he gave me a taweez so even after he left my home Devil worshippers are not able to attack me like they used to. Whenever I take off my taweez than within seconds devils take over me so I am not 100% cured but he is working on me to fix me completely since he is alone fighting with lots of devil worshippers.

  20. Salaam…black magic
    Woz done on our honourable and beloved PROPHET SAW.who are we? Jadoo does exist.and the cure to our PROHETS sunnah is the last 2kul in the quraan..thanx

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