sifli amal , sifli jadoo, sifli ilm , kala jadoo in Pakistan Mania

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One would have thought that with the modern education and modern facilities, people would have focused less on the social evils like black magic and sifli amal, but the horrendous reality is that more and more people are getting involved in this occult and covert and disgusting activity.

On daily basis, one reads the news in the papers that an amil has been arrested conning people, or raping girls, or hurting somebody and even then the people flock towards these dens of black magic. In order to get rich, or to get job, or to get pregnant, or to get son, or to hurt the enemy, or to win the love of girl or boy, people go to such people who perform sifli amal.

Jadoo and sifli amal are taboos in Islam and they are also socially very wrong. One shouldn’t be indulged in such activities and rely on Allah, their own strength, luck and destiny.

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