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Should we declare Euthanasia legal in Pakistan?

By Sobia Raja • Oct 31st, 2012 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 58 Comments

Yesterday night I gone through a story of a boy in which he told that his mother is in coma from 9 years and he is unable to see her in this condition so should he euthanize his mother. What are the religious obligations regarding this issue, I know it is considered as a merciful act, or to relief a patient from pain or sufferings, but how can we do that, while we know the life and death is in the hands of Allah then how can we kill someone??

Euthanasia is sort of killing in order to relieve pain or suffering that is mostly legal in many countries. But question is should we declare it legal in Pakistan?? Does our religion allow this?? And many other things like that need discussions and should be discussed to acknowledge our people.

In this respect I collected some Holy Scriptures that I would really like to share with others.

“Do not kill yourselves, for verily Allah has been
to you most merciful” (4: 29)

“…take not life which Allah has made sacred” (6:

“…and (Allah) is the one who gave you life, then
shall He ordain you to die, then shall He give you your life
again, truly mankind is ungrateful” (22: 66)

As it is quite clear from these Holy Scriptures that suicide, or any attempt to end life is prohibited in Islam, ALLAH who loves man more than anyone else knows well when and how to end one’s life then how can we do this??

Being Muslims and Pakistani we shouldn’t declare euthanasia legal, as ALLAH the creator of every human being and HE (SWT) is the only one who can end the life. I admit it’s the toughest thing to see our loved ones in pain but we shouldn’t go against the laws of Allah and the things that HE (SWT) verboten. Because HIS (SWT) love is more than ours, HE (SWT) is so kind on HIS creature then how can HE ignore them. So just trust in ALLAH. HE is the one who can give life to dead so nothing is impossible for HIM just firm belief is required, so pray is the best way because there is not even a single disease that is cureless. Just trust ALLAH HE can change everything and never think to end yours own life or of someone else in order to get relief.

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58 Responses »

  1. If medical experts decide that there is no hope for the patient to recover or is considered clinically dead (i.e brain death) then it could be permissible for them to stop the medication or remove the life support islam it is not permissible to kill another human being but in some situations it is allowed like in (wars ,self defecne or death sentence as a punishment for some crime).
    however debate on this topic is never ending…as some Islamic scholars says it is forbidden where as some are in favour of removing life support system under certain circumstances and let him die natural death .beshak life belongs to Allah. It is He who gives and takes away life.

  2. Only Allah gives and take away life. No one else has the right to.. no matter what the circumstances are.
    The concept of EUTHANASIA has NO PLACE in Islam

  3. EUTHANASIA should not be made legal in PAKISTAN because ALLAH is the only ONE who gives LIFE and only HE has the RIGHT to take away ones life … no one else has any right to take away other person LIFE.

  4. In some cases Haram is Hallal as well. So we should not be so much rigid in this regard. Using CAPITAL LETTERS never makes your point valid.

  5. Allah har cheez par qadir hay , Khuda kay har kaam mein koi maslehat hoti hay , who the hell are we to decide either the patient should die !

  6. I think Allah (SWT) only has the Right to give lives and take away. Above mentioned condition is the exam from Allah, he tells us the right way to cope with this condition which is patience and pray. He has the better knowledge of anyone’s pain and he is the one WHO can provide relieve.

  7. Who decides that how one should die ? ALLAH (SWT) , Agree ? then if one`s fate is to be died by this procedure then ?

  8. @Batool how do u know that Allah has decided a man’s fate to be died by this procedure? will He especially reveal on you that I have decided his faith to be died by this procedure so just euthanize him?

  9. fate*

  10. beshak Allah har chez pe qadir haii…but ALLAH ne hame ye haq zaroor dia hai…warna phir tow koi bemar ho tow doctor k pas he na jae …who the hell are doctors to treat the patient…hm ye ku ni sochty k ALLAH ne bemar kia hai tow koi maslahet he ho ge….balke hm foran doctor k pas bhagtey hain…!
    we r not saying k euthanasia should be allowed balke under certain circumstances it should be allowed

  11. and one thing i’d like to clarify here is that Islam is not about MY opinion or YOUR opinion or OUR opinion. It is only what Quran and Hadith teaches us and if we r Muslims i.e if we submit ourselves to Allah (SWT) , we have to accept Islam as it is .. and we r surely No one to argue in the matters which Allah has already decided for us. He has not allowed us to decide any patient’s matter of life and death. Allah will keep that patient alive till He wishes..and will take away his life when He wishes..

    secondly amna ! bimari ati hay wo bhi Allah ki taraf se ati hay , azmaesh hoti hay n Allah hi nay hukam dia hay to seek treatment and save ur soul.b/c islam mein life ko aik precious blessing consider kia gya hay n .if u study Islamic history ,tu log treatment k liye docs k pass jatay thay lekin Shifa denay wala Allah hay, wo jis ko chahay shifa day day..

  12. @ Above Both !
    We dont how who will die and what is in one`s fate. But My point was that if it is written in his fate then how could you change it ?

  13. Religious dogma is really the point here.We are so much rigid and touchy about this. Come on Open your Eyes and Read and Listen what GOD says.. Its so Obvious.

  14. @Batool Honey lets suppose if u r in coma n someone (who is not enlightened by Islam’s teachings) kills u by euthanasia, thats ur fate n u cant change it , but here we r talking about “should we make it legal in Pakistan or not”, so the answer to that is no we should not because Alhamdulillah we are Muslims and Muslims are very patient and they feel privileged to do the “bimar ki khidmat” b/c there is a reward for that also, we r not the people who cant bear another human being alive b/c he has become futile b/c of illness etc etc (they give a a lot ovso-called logical reasons to cover their “ihumaneness”) . and on top ov everything is that our Lord has not allowed us to do this. thats all :-)

  15. ALLAH ne jis ko bachana hai us ko life support system ki zarorat nai hoti…!!

  16. i m talking about a situation…where it is no use of life support machines for a clinically dead person!

  17. true amna! but we have to make every effort to save the soul till the last breath.. till Allah takes away the patients’s life and all signs of life vanish :)

  18. oooo yess for a clinically dead person there is no use of the life support system.. obviously it will be like k ham qabar mein peray hoay dead banday ko life support system laga k kahen k we r trying to save him thats insane.. i was talkin about before death.. when there are still signs of life

  19. and you people keep your dear ones nor dead neither alive.. cruel

  20. What are you talking about Batool! May be some where you would be right but i think you are unable to defend your point

    If you take example of Prophet Hazrat Ayub (A.S), he suffered from a disease in which his whole body was wounded and there were worms inside his wounds can you imagine the pain he was going through… as he was conscious at that time and was able to express but he never said things like why mee….

    If euthanasia was permissible in Islam then I believe Allah must had sent his message through his prophets or in Quran…. Allah has not given this choice in the hands of humans He is the one who decides what’s the best time for a person to leave this world.

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