Should Asif Ali Zardari Resign?

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Pakistan People’s Party knows the ground realities and they are aware of the fact that the country is passing through a very crunch and alarming time and the institutions cannot afford collision of any sort. They respect and regard the judiciary, but the fact remains at its position that PPP has remain target of juduiciary for a very long time, and even they lost their founder to the judicial murder.

PPP has shown lack of political will, but then they are not that much liberated as they don’t enjoy the two third majority and they are also bound by the towering influence of the establishment, and they have to keep their allies in sync on almost all the issues. They also have to combat the recurring conspiracies and have to justify the past mistakes over and over again.

One has to give credit to the PML(N) that they haven’t brought out this issue to the roads of Punjab to create more antagonism towards Punjab in small provinces. They have their vested interests like any other party, but they are also giving preference to the democracy and saying No to the boots and other institutions who are crossing over their limits just to assert their power.

President Asif Ali Zardari is the symbol of unification and the shadowy forces have to accept that fact no matter how much bitter and hard that is for them. Asif Ali Zardari is the guaranttee of Pakistan’s integrity and they have to tolerate him, no matter what. Zardari was the man who kept the country intact when Benazir Bhutto was slain and he is the man who is keeping the bursting emotions in Sindh and some parts of the Balochistan, as once again Sindhi representation is being repressed.

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