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Should Asif Ali Zardari Resign?

By Umer Toor • Dec 23rd, 2009 • Category: Politics, Worth A Second Look • 25 Comments

Pakistan People’s Party knows the ground realities and they are aware of the fact that the country is passing through a very crunch and alarming time and the institutions cannot afford collision of any sort. They respect and regard the judiciary, but the fact remains at its position that PPP has remain target of juduiciary for a very long time, and even they lost their founder to the judicial murder.

PPP has shown lack of political will, but then they are not that much liberated as they don’t enjoy the two third majority and they are also bound by the towering influence of the establishment, and they have to keep their allies in sync on almost all the issues. They also have to combat the recurring conspiracies and have to justify the past mistakes over and over again.

One has to give credit to the PML(N) that they haven’t brought out this issue to the roads of Punjab to create more antagonism towards Punjab in small provinces. They have their vested interests like any other party, but they are also giving preference to the democracy and saying No to the boots and other institutions who are crossing over their limits just to assert their power.

President Asif Ali Zardari is the symbol of unification and the shadowy forces have to accept that fact no matter how much bitter and hard that is for them. Asif Ali Zardari is the guaranttee of Pakistan’s integrity and they have to tolerate him, no matter what. Zardari was the man who kept the country intact when Benazir Bhutto was slain and he is the man who is keeping the bursting emotions in Sindh and some parts of the Balochistan, as once again Sindhi representation is being repressed.

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  1. Yes he should. Period.

  2. Yes, He should be replaced by Musharraf but of course never by another crook Nawawaz Sharif


  4. Note: I am not a member of any party nor I have any affiliation with political setup.

    why shoud he resign? Did any of pakistan’s leaders ever resign because of corruption charges.There are roughly 8000 cases involved in NRO. If people of pakistan wants Zardari to resign then all these people(NRO Cases) holding whatever post into Govt or non Govt department should be penalised at the same time. I do believe that at some level Zardari is involved in corruption. if we topple one govt because of these charges next one will come which is equally corrupted. Best scenerio in to this is speedy justice..let the court try each and every accused as soon as possible and let the responsible institute subtitute them as it comes and goes. This will take some time but we will be able to clean the house without distubing democtratic process which has finally taking baby step. Next step should be getting rifd of corrupt politician so that in coming election we have fresh educated Govt.

  5. @2 all three are deserve to be placed in front of firing squad if prosecuted in any fair system.
    But we need more hundred years to punish these culprits like that so enjoy the secure life of your hero who is not more than a traitor, a killer of its own soldiers and people and a run away looser.

  6. Why he gives resign from this post which he got after killing his wife, by passing his cases through illegal way and by bribing thousands of his followers so why he give a piece of paper for which he crossed many moral ethics which is his identification sign Pakistani people know him.
    Even Bhutto couldnt get rid of him by giving him divorce so she preferred to keep him in jail as long as possible and then straight to NY with a dog and a guard.Now he is still living with same styles but with lot of dogs and guards and with photo of his late wife.
    So take resignation from him is not solution of our problem.
    He has to prove that he is not like that which he tried to cover through the gild of NRO.
    So let him to present what he is actually while keeping this highest office under his control and whole country is enjoying the scene and debate that how fauzia whaab and nargis asiq awan like ladies are deputed to secure the sanctity of this house and its inhabitant.

  7. @2, Right for this nation, I endorse. Why not another Bonaparte.

  8. Why he gives resign from this post which he got after killing his wife,

    Nazia, You must be out of your mind!!

    One can’t blame anyone so blatantly without any proof in hand

  9. are you joking?

  10. Mr. Zardari should give should leave the seat urgently as he is no more fit for the Presidency now

  11. American Dog: Which politician in pakistan is not one. come on, right from the start we have always beg for American mercy and money. On one hand our politician tailored our policy to keep american and mullah happy and on other hand they blame their problems to these two only. They keep making fool of us and we still believe in them. As long as we remain divided by party or religion line they will have easy access to remain in power however short period one party last. as long as they last to power they will keep feeding local awam hatrate for America while sleeping with them. Please show me one Party or Politician who has his heart set up for pakistan and his people. They could not even bring down the prices of common goods, could not controll the borders of pakistan, can not stand up to any Nation for our rights, gets second class treatment around the world and still we keep on electing them. we celebrate their home coming as if queen of england or some king has come home after achieving great goals.Please stop blaming each other or drawing swords on name of party or individual.

  12. Dear all,

    These are few headlines from our lead news papers.

    NAB moves to withdraw references against Zardari
    Loan scam: Islamabad commissioner ‘evades probe’
    LHC suspends Malik’s sentence
    Pakistani Taliban say fighters going to Afghanistan

    Do you really think we are going to get results from NRO?
    when militants claim that they are going to Afghanisthan to fight American do you think we have succesfully fought the war on terrorism?
    Again I stand correct ” we as awam” will suffer consequences of failed war and policy. On other hand regardleass of any outcome from NRO or war against terror, politicians, mullah and some key military people will be benifited.

  13. Aom
    I just follow the simple principle in the line of investigation and this is to pick the first for interrogation who is most beneficiary after the crime.
    Now who else can be more than zardaari?
    His reluctance to straight inquiry in daylight murder of her popular wife while he and his all close friends are controlling important places in govt is giving strength to first principle.
    So it is written on the wall but as usual our sleeping beauty nation and her followers would understand this straight fact after 10 or 20 years.

  14. Nazia,

    Do you really believe Zardari have hands into bhutto killing?

  15. Every sensible Pakistan is aware of the fact that Pakistan is already surrounded by quagmire of issues and any confrontation among institutions would result in terrible repercussions. President has clearly said that PPP has no conflict with Judiciary and appearance of Interior minister Rehman Malik and minister for law and justice Babar Awan enforces the reality that PPP does not want conflict with Judiciary. With the same fact, it is being observed that judiciary is crossing its ambits and taking popular decisions mere for its reputation which simply means constitution is not important for the Judiciary. Those who are blaming PPP for logger heading with Judiciary, must see the history, PPP was always victimized by judiciary, Even it is the single party that faced juridical murder but it never scared Judiciary. The current situation is in fact haunting PPP because it is not once, twice, thrice but PPP is punished by Judiciary time and again and since 1970’s. President Zardari is symbol of federation, unification and Guanteer of integrity of Pakistan. He saved Pakistan, mandated by masses and deserves to run the country affairs.

  16. When it was happened I thought it was not possible but after seeing his same pace of corruption and favoring his friends that was his all time popularity in Bhutto’s last regimes and at the end the callous attitude of him and all his team towards investigation procedures is now forcing us to think like that.
    Two clear things are on official record on this day told by a police officer of that area.

    - IG Pindi order of withdrawal of all police men from that area just 5 minutes before the departure of bhutto was recorded on the log book .This was same attitude that was adopted by Rehman malike as this message was also heard in his transmitter too who was at that time security chief of bhutto convoy.That is why not a single police man had become victim of this tragedy.
    -The washing of crime scene with high pressure water is another important clue that could have been followed by Rehman and team to reach the foot prints of culprits but they ignored all through out by adopting casual attitude.
    Whole nation laughed at the funny weakest investigation of brig cheema which he had provided in front of media after the incidents and blame was put on biat ullah mehsud.
    The PM the close friend of bhutto also followed this statement as their last destination
    so khas kum jehan pak.
    As mehsud is dead now so what is about to bother on one of biggest tragedy in Pakistan’s political set up.I am not in favor of bhutto any more as I had personally watched her billion dollar set up in dubai and NY areas, heard her corruption details of her 2nd tenure form her closest cabinet secretary but the way she had become victim of army mafia , CIA and supported by zardari and Co , that is not justified by any mean..

  17. Nazia, do you mean Yousaf Raza Gilani said “Khas Kum Jahan Pak”?

  18. No this is my tinge on PM comments .

  19. Nazia,

    I personally believe that Zardari dont have any guts or connection to do so. He would be rather safe and hide behind Ben then get exposed, but you never know.

  20. See the last years of their married life.He was kicked out from Bhutto life and placed on the lowest rank in PPP politics.He was just called at Dubai from US solitary confinement to take care of her daughters as long as Bhutto was busy in entering Pakistan’s politics after long break.
    You can also noted that at the time of COD he was even not invited to join the team.
    He created her false will through handwriting specialists in Dubai and controlled party.
    He again ignored her real will that was in hands of many friends and highlighted the name of her probable killers. Did he follow a single line of her important will?
    He is not coward but professional criminal brought up in spoiled feudal set up.

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