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Shoaib Malik and Ayesha Amidst a Scandal

By Amna Gilani • Feb 2nd, 2008 • Category: Entertainment • 29 Comments

M A Siddiqui, an Indian Muslim, who works in an Airline and is the father of Ayesha Siddiqui, the alleged wife of Shoaib Malik has claimed that his daughter is very ill and is under observation of doctors in a New Delhi hospital, because she has received many traumatic jolts from Pakistani Cricket Captain Shoaib Malik.

He further says that Shoaib Malik married his daughter on 3rd June 2002, and then left her in the cold after some time and now Ayesha wants a divorce, while Shoaib isnt responding. M A Siddiqui says that if Shoaib doesnt give the divorce then they will go to the courts for Khulah.

Shoaib Malik and Ayesha met in Jeddah, KSA, in 2001 and struck a friendship which later turned into a romance ,which culminated in engagement (according to Shoaib Malik) in 2002. Though the news of Shoaib Malik’s involvement with Ayesha broke during Pakistan’s tour to Indian in 2005, when Ayesha’s father threw a huge gala in Hyderabad, in which the whole Pakistani team participated along with many big shots.

Shoaib Malik is denying the claim of M A Siddiqui and says that he just was engaged with Ayesha, and the relations of both families became strained after the death of Faqeer Hussain, the father of Shoaib Malik last year.

Shoaib says that he just wants to concentrate on the cricket, and would like this matter to end silently and peacfully as soon as possible.

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29 Responses »

  1. is this shoaib akhtar or malik…in the later part of ur article u changed the person

  2. I know Shoaib Akhtar is a scandal magnet but PULEEZ, dont mix up Shoaib Malik and Shoaib Akhtar even for a typo, if Sh. Akhtar sees this, he will faint, once again…..:-)

  3. Ooops. I have corrected the mistake. :)

  4. Shoaib malik dekhhne me tu LUL bashir lagta hay. I think ayesha is just having fun.

  5. adnan siddiqui is not write. he has no sense of humor. and have no manners that why he is writing such type of comments. behave your self adnan. tm apny baap ko b isstrah kahty ho sharam karo.
    shoaib is right. and he is a good muslim. he cant do such type of things.

  6. my number is 03012929433

  7. q priya g kia chakkar hai? :D
    agar hisab kitab aap k hath main hai to meri musalmani ko b rate kar dain ;)

  8. She should have known that evil pkaistani’s can’t be trusted. They talk nice things when they see us in a foreigh land and know that we are muslim’s from India. But the real intention is something different. You can always sense it.. I would trust a non-muslim from my country much more than someone from Pakistan.

  9. yeah Siraj trust Nerandra Modi.

  10. hyeeeeeeeeeee!!
    shoaib malik.
    wats up?Shoaib malik dekhhne me tu LUL bashir lagta hay. I think ayesha is just having fun.
    Ooops. I have corrected the mistake.
    i am sorry……. ayeshas picture no why> save proprer will be save picture ok save promise wiil be picture ooooosp shoaib malik……… ;)

  11. Shoaib seems involved in this case. He is not rejecting Ayesha’s fathers all statements. Don’t go on people’s faces to judge their innocence. He is not little baby.

    Anyway my question is that if Ayesha wants divorce then she can easily get it by going in court. Why she is projecting this issue on Int’l media. This thing shows that party is also not telling truth.

    I think, first Ayesha’s parents have let her to enjoys with Shoaib so that he may marry him later on. but alas it couldn’t went in right direction. Now her parents her regretting. Anyway their name came on Media and all indians and pakistanis knows them now :)

  12. ullu ke patho! sub kuch mumkin hai
    magar is larki jo apne aap ko shoaib malik ki biwi kehti hai is sai mujhe shadid nafrat hai

  13. pehle apne griban mein jhanko phir kisi ko baat karo. think about this bye

  14. Saba Ali, atleast trust Nerandra Modi. Peeche se Waar NAhi kartha

  15. shoaib ap larkiyo k bajaye cercit par diyan day

  16. aslam-o-alikum shoaib i belive you in all condition all the best for your cricket and keep it up sana

  17. jaha tak larkiyo par diyan k bat ha larkiya b to hud ko rok sakti ha na ya many jahandad khan(oper valy) message ka ans diya ha sana

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