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Shoaib Akhtar’s dance with Indian Girls in Kolkata

By The Pakistani Spectator • Dec 6th, 2007 • Category: Entertainment • 15 Comments

Shoaib Akhtar likes to get himself humiliated in public every now and then. Now as he has lost his steam, and knows that his future is bleak and on the verge of termination, he tries to get the spotlight by acting weird and strange.

Even as Pakistan faced defeat after defeat at the hands of India, their ace pace bowler Shoaib Akhtar was busy bending it, not on the cricket field but on the dance floor of a luxury hotel in India with three girls. Akhtar, known as the Rawalpindi Express for his tearaway bowling, was reportedly unfit for the third Test against India and supposedly back in Pakistan receiving medical treatment.

According to the report, Pakistan team manager Talat fumed: “I want nothing to do with Shoaib Akhtar. Cricket has made him a rich man, and he can do as he pleases.”

Acording to daily times:

Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar was found dancing with Indian girls in a Kolkata nightclub on Wednesday, a private channel reported. According to Geo News, a Kolkata newspaper published a photo in which Akhtar – known for his indiscipline and controversies – was seen dancing with three girls. The Pakistan cricket team management said the picture was real but they did not want to exaggerate the matter. The channel said Akhtar was frequently violating team discipline, and no one in the management was ready to take action against him, and he had seemingly been given a free hand to do anything that he pleased. In September 2007, Shoaib was banned by the PCB for 13 matches for an alleged brawl with his teammate, Muhammad Asif. He returned to the team on Ocotber 29.

Shoaib Akhtar has got an offer from Bollywood to act, and is considering the proposal.Shoaib Akhtar disclosed to media persons that he got an offer from Bollywood in Kolkata on last Sunday.

Dont expect anything noble from this idiot, to whom we call our fastest speedster.

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15 Responses »

  1. What’s wrong with dancing with Indian Girls in Kolkata?

  2. Aneone knows about that newspaper or that picture, please let me share that, I wanna see too. :)

  3. The real question should be

    Was he giving his best (honestly) and whether he will be able to give his best in the upcoming match.

    Rest all is his private life, for which he should not be accountable for (except Allah…which is another matter)

    If his side businesses affect Cricket, then Yes! he should be stopped or atleast questioned.

    But if he’s not getting fever due to alcohol & girls then leave him alone, Hez Rich and hez Popular. Let him enjoy the Indian Beauties.

    Last Comment: What we want from him is the performance and full commitment. Performance is not exactly upto the level we (Pakistaniz) want, but he has alteast proved his commitment to cricket in the recent series. (which itself is major improvement) He Deparately needs another stike bowler from other end. Till then No major performance should be expected. Rememeber Wasim Waqar competition!

  4. Yea! Find pictures of our guys having some fun at one of my old blogs.
    Cubano i agree with you to certain extent that its their personal life but i think when they went to India to represent the whole nation in a cricket game, they should have better concentrated on the game rather then clubs and bars.
    At the end of the day, the represent the whole nation and they should understand that its a big responsibility to be ambassadors of an Islamic country.
    Anyways the link is as following

    M J K

  5. Its interesting to see people speak of us as an Islamic country who i guess has to be represented religiously. I for one think that Pakistan is an Islamic country in name only, you can procure alcohol in most cities with a phone call, as well as various other vices, in the new year coming up there will be tons of parties all involving “said unislamic behavior” i see people chastising Shoaib for dancing when we as a nation divulge in corruption, nepotism, bribery and what not every single day. Hilarious! we build them up to be mega super stars throw oodles of cash at them through endorsements and then sit back and judge when they have a bit of fun?
    his service to the country and representation of it is on the field of play not off it. As it is he should be banned for his drug taking, why is he even in the team? i would rather ban him for taking drugs then letting his hair down anyday.

  6. I agree with you on all that you said because this is what is the reality these days but i dont think that this warrants us to change our basic ideology i.e Islam. Instead i think we should be ashamed of the fact that we have forgotten the very reason for which we wanted to be a separate nation. I wonder how can a country progess when its people dont even recognise the very reason for its existence.
    Pakistan might be an Islamic country in name only because we never let it be a real islamic country. The fault is ours and not of Pakistan for Pakistan is what we are and we are what Pakistan is!
    Pakistan and Pakistani are one same thing and our collective character as a nation makes the real Pakistan.

  7. This is not about why our country was created Junaid.. its about crucifying a guy just because he is famous, if millions can do it and no one bats an eyelid why all the hooplah if he does it? As i pointed out he should not be in the team because of his drug and temper problems as it is, his personal life has got nothing to do with his playing for us. Not trying to defend him, but pointing out that if you want to hang him at least do it for the right reasons.

  8. what he is doing is just to gain his lost popularity among people but his all stupid acts will no more give him a name “national hero”. He is sick

  9. Guys, guys, guys….

    I have seen the pictures and he wasn’t the only one there… the whole of the Pakistan team was invited including the management and they all were enjoying themselves there, dancing and all…

    As they say, “Bud say Badnaam bura”, Shoaib sells so his were the only pictures publicized this much… they were all there…

    And our real concern should be with how well they perform on field, if the guy is steaming in and getting wickets, let him do whatever he wants to do!!!

  10. I think cricket as turned into a major religion now, people respected the sport earlier but today they worship it, I mean look at India-pakistan matches,the intensity of the players in an Indo-Pak match would put Galdiators to shame. I wait for months even years to see an Indo-pak match and cant wait for the next one, BTW here is a cool indo-pak cricket game for fans, really cool.

  11. He is a really idiot.

  12. The thing is that there is little more lovely and attractive than Indian girls and to dance with them cannot be a bad thing at all. .if his cricket is affected by dancing with such wonderful girls, I think it will be IMPROVED! if anything. :)

  13. Shoaib Akhtar U R the Pride of Pakistan.At least u dont do these kind of stupidities please! Get marries as soon as Possible to avoid sins.God Bless U.

  14. Can’t thank you more. just the information i was looking for.

  15. Love them!!As you said perfect fot summer!You look greatXOXO

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