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Shehzad Roy Marriage With VJ Salma : Pictures

By Sumaira Bajwa • Jun 7th, 2009 • Category: Entertainment • 28 Comments



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28 Responses »

  1. they look good!
    good luck for them.

  2. There may be some suicide attempts from girls after this news break. Good luck for the couple and best of luck for ____.

  3. OMG !
    Shazad Roy is crying in the first pic

  4. Salma looks cute but aged. By the way they don’t look in wedding dress.

  5. both ov u are looking smart Allah apko khaush rakahy ammmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeen

  6. oh my god mujay ni maloom tha k aap ki shadi ho jae gi or main aap se milun gi nei,,,,,,,,,,,,,just kidding i was a great fan of you actually nd really happy but mujay yakeen hai hum aik bar zaroor milain gay probbly 4 zindagi trust bye the wah i m a dr so c ya

  7. i want to to meet u once in ny life plzzzz meet me

  8. salma!!!!!… got married!!!!….MashAllah you guys look beautifull…=D i wonder why u vanished from mtv all of a sudden. but if u ever read this..i hope u remeber who i am( you’re biggest fan)… =D love you :)

  9. your*

  10. boath khoob looking cooooooooooooool. l iove u

  11. hi u r so coooooooooooooooool bt not inufffffffff thn ME

  12. GOOD mughy nahe pata tha k apki shadi ho jaye ge ap bht khobsorat lag rhy hain. mughy jab mere friend nay call ker k btaya k Mr Roy Got married. tu mugh main himat na hui friend sy bat kerny ki phir main ny apko bht duwaen di ap hmesha muskuraty rho n dono hmesha sath raho Aamin. mughy bchpan sy he apsy milny ka bht shok hai jo aj tk kbhi pura nhe ho paya umed zrore hai bt kbhi kbhi lagta bhi nhe hai. plz jab bhi lahore aen plz mugh sy milye. ye mere bht bri wish hai.main umed kerti hu k ap mugh sy zrore milen gy.
    bst of luck

  13. I’m afraid this is not the Meera-Attiq type of a hollo

  14. hay my roy tu ne to syadi kar li oye ap muge bohat ache lagte hain main tania from greece main jab paki main thi to sirf ap ko sunti thi or jab yahan ai to pta nahi kitane fazoooooooooooooooool singer a gay hain or han ap ki jori uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffffffff………yr jori is no 1 in pakistan i like yr jari hamesha khush rahin or roy g ap isi tarhan apni album on karte rahin isi tarha
    lage lage raho lage raho sehzad bai
    and yr wife is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet

  15. oooooooooooooooooooo sehzad bai ap ki jori dekh li ab to dil kar raha ha k ap ko mail karti jaoon i like u very much and yr wife plzzzzzzzzzzz ap kabi greece ayain ok

  16. hi pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss agr ap sab main sy kisi k paas shehzad roy ka e mail adress hy to dy do pleaaaasssssssssssss


    CH CH CH CH CH CH,,,,,,,

  19. mujhy khushi hue k ap ny shadi kar li m a big fan of u allah ap dono ko khush rakhy ammmeeeeeeen

  20. cute pic……………..

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