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Sheesha Bars Under Raid in Capital; Petition Submitted against No Sheesha Orders

By Saad Farooq Awan • Oct 24th, 2012 • Category: Lead Story • One Response

Smoking has become the most interesting issue in Pakistan after recently a Lahore court judge gave orders to ban smoking in PUBLIC PLACES and ordered that the Sheesha providing Bars and Cafes in Pakistan should be completely banned.

Sheesha a modified form of traditional “Hukkah” has taken a distinctive place in our society and youth parties are considered boring without having a round of Sheesha.

But various cafes were raided by police in Islamabad after the ban orders passed by court and Sheesha bars were seized by Islamabad authorities last week.

Islamabad DC along with his team of commissioners raided cafes under the anti-tobacco law, which states that smoking at public place is against the rule of law.

Shehzad Shaukat, the spokesperson for sheesha cafe owners, submitted petition that the government shutdown had badly affected their businesses. He stated that there was no proof that sheesha smoking was injurious for health, nor was sheesha tobacco a banned substance.

He followed his arguments with strong justifications that if a person smoking cigarette in premises of court is not taken to jail then why Sheeshas are confined and Sheesha bars are threatened.

Pakistan government is yet unable to describe the definition of a “PUBLIC PLACE”. According to law any place which is not residential place is a PUBLIC PLACE, but if smoking is carried on Hotels and Cafes’ like its happening in 5 stars and other hotels, then should it be called as a PUBLIC PLACE or not.

If not so then hoe Sheesha Smoking is banned according to law. After this justification Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial of the Lahore High Court ordered DCO Noorul Amin Mengal to come up with an explanation of a PUBLIC PLACE.

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  1. SHEESHA a very common drug derived from Turkey spreading like fire in South Asia and ruining the lives of younger generations! SHEESHA has become a common feature in our Pakistani society!
    addicted to it are suffering from mouth diseases and other harmful effects. But not only Sheesha even cigarette should be banned in Pakistan. Government should take serious action against all these type of stuffs. It should be banned in all over the Pakistan instead of just banning in PUBLIC PLACES. One another thing i have noticed that government ordered to ban these type of activities but no one prevent peoples by doing these activities even government officers take bribe and keep them silent.

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