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Sharmila Farooqi Beats Her Lover

By Sher Ali • Jun 1st, 2011 • Category: Misc • 8 Comments

It became quite a spectacle on the Karachi airport when a passenger on the plane showed her love towards the beautiful Sharmilla Farooqi, the young leader of PPP and very close of the high circles of PPP in Islamabad.

She started beating the lover with slaps over slaps. Her lover kept on receiving the slaps and kept on saying that everything was ok for him as far as it was coming from the Sharmilla. Sharmilla got more furious and then the airport authorities took over the lover and took him away.

Well the slaps of Sharmila might be roses for him, but now the slaps, sticks and kicks of the ASP and Karachi Police might not be that soft and rosy.

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  1. This is the status of single woman in islamic republic of Pakistan.
    If she would have a duffer husband with her no body even dare to throw a smiling gesture to her but all knows that crimcally rich , young and modified beautiful single lady is cheese cake for Pakistani men and they dont miss a chance to show her extremity of his love , no matters what ASI and sephoy do to him,He is in state of love::}}

  2. @nazia, yup u r rite, dats da most frustrating thng i dun like abt pakistan nd all those countries where survival of single woman is near to impossible.

  3. It is not frustrating but some disgusting situation for people opt to live in single basis.
    Living alon it self is firstrated option which should be avoided as it would take one toward abnormality and depression.
    that is why I never , ever advised any body to live all alone.
    This half gap should be filled for securing and for passing life time with all kind of bak bak jhak jhak of normal life.

  4. why pakistai single women presents themselves as chees cake why they dont observe PARDA arnt they muslims? such women are equally responsible for thier disgrace

  5. She kinda looks like´╗┐ Brittany Spears - No Not at all - or you may wish to STATE Sharmila Farooqi - was by far the best Single! - Kindly Don’t Forget She is the Daughter of the Most Corrupt Persona of Pakistan.

    Subhan Allah - Yeh Figure-o-Chaira - Oss Per Family Back Ground Ka - Dagh Ghaira-
    Chanchal Omang Lee-ay Sung Sung - Bikhra - Kay - Corruption -Kay- Record -Tor- Ja-

  6. shermilla farooqi is lier story is diffrence shi is habitualy like that so many time she did like that to gain cheep popularity actualy she refused to fasten seat belt and also misbehaved with airhosts during travel from islamabad to karachi the person stop her she became angry now she posing that man was flarting being single she become psyco

  7. If a reasonable educated, and self acclaimed wiser than wise, moderate Pakistani lady Nazia writes, “crimcally” rich , young and modified beautiful single lady is cheese cake for Pakistani men” I may believe it for a moment, and for argument sake may declare such a lady, a tough cookie, or sour dough. Sharmila Farooqi did proved my point.

  8. Hi, i would like to comments on Sharmila Farooqui. She is the intellegent girl, and my dua is that
    she need to become as a Chief Miniter of Sindh. Inshallah in next election she will become as a
    Chief Minister of Sind. She has a good capability to run the sind government and she will take all
    political parties with her. Qaim Ali Shah is old now and he need to sit in home and pray and make
    allah allah before he goes to grave yard.

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