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Sharmila Farooqi Beats Her Lover

By Sher Ali • Jun 1st, 2011 • Category: Misc • 8 Comments

It became quite a spectacle on the Karachi airport when a passenger on the plane showed her love towards the beautiful Sharmilla Farooqi, the young leader of PPP and very close of the high circles of PPP in Islamabad.

She started beating the lover with slaps over slaps. Her lover kept on receiving the slaps and kept on saying that everything was ok for him as far as it was coming from the Sharmilla. Sharmilla got more furious and then the airport authorities took over the lover and took him away.

Well the slaps of Sharmila might be roses for him, but now the slaps, sticks and kicks of the ASP and Karachi Police might not be that soft and rosy.

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