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Shaniera Thompson Profile and Hot Pictures

By Sharafat • Jul 8th, 2013 • Category: Features • 8 Comments

From the cooler, chic and peaceful Melbourne Suburban life to the hot, restless, and bland Karachi life; the blonde Aussie lassie Shaniera Thompson has got a sea change in front of her. But our Wasim bhai is pretty clever. We all thought that the Indian heroin and former Miss World Sushmita Sen will be the doll of our Sultan-e-Swing, but now it turns out that his eyes were on greener or shall we say whiter pastures.

Media failed to note and paparazzi also failed miserably. Both the blonde sensation Shaniera Thompson, age 30, and the our long nose Wasim Akram met back in 2011 and have remained in touched and Wasim has flown numerous times to Melbourne and to other destinations in the world to enjoy some quality time with the green eyed moll.



Now let’s see how long this blonde lasts in the arms of our swing bowler and in the city of Altaf Bhai. She is kind of trophy wife for the pacer, but he must remembers that these trophy wives are real expensive in every term to keep.

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  1. Naam Sharafaat sai badal ker baighairat rakh lo ziada suit kerta hai tum per baighairat

  2. Sharafat, you sound very jealous :)

  3. Live and let live, especially since Wasim bhai had the decency to ask his marhoom wife’s parents for their blessings before proposing marriage to Shaniera Thompson. Shaniera has converted to Islam, and she may be more than just a ” trophy” wife by Inshallah contributing to much needed social/educational causes in Pakistan. She is educated and not just some superficial, shallow Aussie. After all Wasim bhai has paid his dues and deserves happiness after so much sadness in his life. May Allahtallah give him, his future bride and his sons a peaceful, happy life, Ameen. May Shaniera come to love Pakistan as my own Aussie aunt did after arriving in Pakistan with my uncle many decades ago.

  4. I agree with Dua. This Australian girl is our sister now and we must respect her and wish her best of luck in her future.

  5. The last is of Paris Hilton, plz be careful next time before making any comments about someone personal life.

  6. Iss bachee nay sub kuch khaya piya hoa hai.

  7. A middle aged widower,a father of two,marries a woman from a totally different culture.Will it work ? ?

  8. ^ sharam karo

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