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Shameem Khan, Zardari Shoe Thrower is Hero or Zero? Discuss

By Ali Yar Khan • Aug 8th, 2010 • Category: Politics • 35 Comments

The shoe thrower has become a hero for many, and he is also the target of the severe criticism from some circle. In some cities and towns of Pakistan he is being celebrated and in some his name is being burned.

Why he did that?

Because he felt that it was very cruel and apathetic of the president Asif Ali Zardari to visit the UK and France in these circumstances when the country was drowning in the floods. Thousands died, million displaced and the agony was going on, but the president was enjoying in France and UK.

So Shamim Khan felt it so strongly that he recorded his protest in that fashion.

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  1. He is a “hero” of a few zeroes of Pakistan society.

  2. Mr. Shamim, you have done a great disservice to your nation.

  3. Zindabad, geo, what a gift of Jashan e Azadi

  4. Maza a gaya, you are my hero, sir.

  5. We are so happy. Nice very nice. Some solace for the suffering people of Pakistan.

  6. @Prof. Seema Khalid
    In case you are unaware that this shoe thing is NOT new for PPP.
    In the past during a rally people showed SHOES to Bhutto also, and by BHUTTO I mean Zulfiqar Ali BHUTTO the REAL ONE, and what was great about him was the response that he gave to those people by saying “I know shoes have become expensive” . Now that is the way to deal with a situation like this one.

    BUT I guess we need a Z A Bhutto for that kinda answer. NO doubt he was a great and these current LOT of FAKE PPP are nothing more than SPOILED BRATS. They deserve MORE than just shoes and I can see it coming soon too.

  7. 2.Prof. Seema Khalid on August 8th, 2010 : “Mr. Shamim, you have done a great disservice to your nation.”

    What a precise expression of collective Pakistani minds. Bless you.

  8. Yes Mr. Aftab, contrary to the common belief here, I am not a PPP worker, but I do feel that we need to at least keep our emotions in check as we deal with the entities who represent the state, not only outside of the country but also within country.

    If that shoe would have been thrown at CJP, or Nawaz Sharif or Altaf Hussain, I assure that I am going to denounce that act.

    I wonder why we just let go of sanity…..

  9. Let me tell you as an American and not a Pakistani, I actually applaud this man for what he has done. NO OTHER President in the world would leave his country if citizens suffer. I feel sorry for Pakistan and that they have a very weak and pathetic president. You all were better economically just few years ago but when this loon came in to your office it’s like all of you were robbed. It took a hit on me as well since I had invested in some businesses in Pakistan with some of my Pakistani friends. The rs kept rising, inflation went up, and it deeply impacted the economy, which in turn really closed down some of our businesses. Right now $1 US dollar is at like 87 RS that is insane. Who elects your leaders the people or criminals? Out of hundreds of Pakistanis I have personally met, most supported Musharraf and literally like 1% supported Zardari. So it just astounds me how he is in office. I mean I certainly do not think the people elected this man. It’s like how George Bush stole the election from Al Gore. This man is the George Bush of your country. What a shame and what a loss for your country. Sorry for everything you all go through. The man who threw the shoes should be your hero.

  10. Even for non pakistanis its obvious zardari is a greedy, selfish, corrupt slimeball. He deserves a lot more than a couple of shoes.

    Electing him despite his record is shameful for you Pakistanis. This act perhaps redeems pakistanis a bit.

    This shows that perhaps some Pakistanis have some values.

    Still I cannot believe there are such people as aftab and seema on this forum who would admonish such an act. If you do not protest against such evil as zardari then you are as culpable as him. I am sorry but Pakistan is corrupt because of people who voted for PPP and people like aftab and seema.

  11. Mr Shamim You have done a Great job our whole nation is proud of you

  12. Zardari deserves a lot more than it

  13. @Sean……Thank you very much voicing your concern but please do not feel sorry for us because we are paying for our own mistakes. We brought this curse (Zardari) upon ourselves due to our bad deeds, it’s about time for us to repent and ask for ALLAH (S.W.T.) forgiveness.

    @Aftab, you should be ashamed of yourself, do you have any dignity ?.

    @Jesse, please don’t be surprised because people like Aftab & Seema belong to corrupt clan of our society and Zardari is their king.

    Mr. Shamim Khan, I salute you because you have done a great favor to people of Pakistan.

  14. @10

    You missed the whole point, I am not admonishing, actually I am outright condemning this act and consider it criminal & violent & uncouth. I flatly refuse to accept this criminal act of a Brtish citizen who pretends to be a Pakistani —– he & his forefathers traded their Pakistaniness for some foreign land, who know when. And that’s exactly how they should be treated as hater of Pakistan and Pakistiness, I consider this an exploitation & incitement of plain Pakistanis against it’s institutions.

    Yes, one can somehow see your inability (or is it disability?) to understand voice of sanity in a mad house. Is that how you show your displeasure over acts of elected people in your country —– what are we, some kind of primitive folks without any civilized method to protest. It is strange logic that because there are people like Aftab or Prof. Seema Khalid who adhere & respect the rule of law & basic human decency therefore Pakistan is corrupt. I mean I know that the general intellectual level of people out there has lowered but that low is hard to comprehend.

  15. Concluded………..for this forummmmm
    Wake up callllllllllllll to all pakistani peoplesssssssssssssssssssssssss
    Old man.. shahim uncle..! you done what we had to……….
    @ Sean, Jesse thanksss..

  16. he is a herooooooooooooooooooooo………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    geo to aisy……..!!!!!!!!

  17. Aftab says…
    I flatly refuse to accept this criminal act of a Brtish citizen who pretends to be a Pakistani —– he & his forefathers traded their Pakistaniness for some foreign land, who know when. And that’s exactly how they should be treated as hater of Pakistan and Pakistiness, I consider this an exploitation & incitement of plain Pakistanis against it’s institutions.

    whos the bigger traitor? the pakistani who gave up his citizenship as aftab says or the criminal who goes begging these traitors for support and money?

    Anyways it seems you are one of those who have destroyed Pakistan and made it a joke by supporting that criminal crook zardari, giving him a continuing license to steal money we give to Pakistan. You are as much a criminal as zardari by condoning zardaris actions and supporting him. You are party to his crimes and the real enemy of Pakistan and its people.

  18. He’s just another FRUSTRATED Pakistani who loves his nation.

  19. Professor of what? no logic?

    If you had logic you would say zardari has done great diservice to Pakistan because the countries he goes to say what kind of foolish people elect a PM who leaves them in such a crisis to come to kiss our shoes.

    Jesse Pakistan openly suggested that its citzens go abroad to countries like britain and States so that they can send pounds back to Pakistan.

    Another mistake on Pakistani policy as it lead to a brain drain.
    Brains are more importnat than money but in minds of many Pakistanis the money is the most importnat thing in the world. Hence corruption.

    Alos problem is Paistani Leaders and generals have to be Non Muslim American and British and indrectly Isreali/Jewish lobby approved. Zardari was and Kiani were approved by them and thats how they came to power,

    Didnt the Pakistani Army do a better job during the early 1992/93 when most of punjab and sind was flooded ? When they had less helicoptors and equipement?

  20. Shamim Khan is a Jiyala, he did what he had learned from his Jiyala Party. When it comes to Jiyala of PPPP then senseless acts prevail. @Jesse well Zardari paid quite a lot of money to Condelezza Rica to lobby for him to become the President of Pakistan. All Polls were fabricated to make sure he gets elected as President including the murder of his wife so that a sympathy vote can be gauranteed. A weak president is more a like a puppet and its in the interest of War in Afghanistan. If America wants to rule a country they need to keep it divided and during last 8 years we became more united which would harm your Governments interests in Pakistan. As long as we remain divided we shall remain in present state as we are in today.

    It was sad to hear that your businesses were shut down in Pakistan due to economic situation. I agree with the Rupee Depreciating to 87 and this was done by none other than the finance minister who belongs to Nawaz Sharif’s party and whose son is married to Nawaz Sharif’s daughter. Nawaz Sharif has a history of manipulating the Dollar - Rupee parity and i was witness to a conversation between one of the leaders of Nawaz Sharif’s party that the entire expenditure on Electioneering was recovered in a couple of months just by playing with the Rupee and Dollar exchange rate.

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