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Shaheen Sehbai, Shahid Masood, Ansar Abbasi Versus Nazir Naji

By Shayan Khan • Nov 6th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 20 Comments

In Pakistani journalism, there always have remained rifts, politics, differences and skirmishes, but with the advent of the electronic media and the power achieved by the anchorpersons and the investigative reporting, new circles have materialized on the media horizon.

The old school journalists are still living in the 80’s and 90’s, as claimed by the new media journalists. Both are hurling mud towards each other and new stories of corruptions, perks, privileges and plots are surfacing. Nazir Naji blames that Shaheen Sehbai, Shahid Masood, and Ansar Abbasi are conspiring with the agencies to topple the Zardari regime and to pave the way for either Martial Law or for some another neutral setup, while the other party blames Naji for receiving perks for himself and for his kins from the government.

The thing is that these both types of journalists haven’t seen the bloggers’ power yet. They even don’t know about the real new media and they dont know about the real meaning of free media, the public sphere. They both will be wiped out once Pakistan catches up with the free media of blogging and it would be a real nightmare for the power brokers in country.

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  1. There have been some unnecessary articles being published by the media. Recently there have been some serious allegations made on the journalists for working as spies in FATA and ex-army men also working for the Blackwater. The thing which is worse than these allegations is that they’re just made on a “hunch”. There are no facts to back it up with. Now when I would look at an ex-army man, I would think twice thanks to these irresponsible and unasked for publications.

  2. Our political parties don’t have the “liver” to face tiniest of the criticism. Same goes for old journalists who try to pay for the namak by labeling anyone opposing their party as trying to overthrow the regime. It’s simple, if you can not withstand criticism either don’t do something which draws criticism or don’t be in public domain i.e. stand for an elected office.
    If government do something like NRO and try to dodge the nation with things like KL bill then people will speak out. Journalists are also part of the society and general public and they are entitled to their opinions exactly in the same way as Nazeer Naji. They should respect each other’s opinion and try not to revert to dirty politics and blame games.
    In some countries if journalists consistently publish baseless and biased articles their ratings go down and they find it difficult to find a credible paper or medium where to publish their articles. Not in Pakistan, the yellowest of the journalists find their way into top publications somehow, which I failed to understand. After all in print media the revenue from government advertisements is still considerable.

  3. Nazir naji is through out popular in his circle as the team member of king’s men so the bad time is here for king so his disturbance like that is normal.All king’s men are trying their best to put humpty dumpty back again.
    The pathetic condition of zardari was obvious while meeting with atizaz and trying to offer him the best from his last authority.
    You can watch his nervousness and range of his interanl strength that now he placed the photo of Jinnah between atizaz and him .
    His media team through out projected this snap in all tv channels and top news paper to show us something different.
    So mr zardari no doubt we were helpless and still helpless citizens, bearing you as our worst head of state but remind you we aren’t mindless and unintelligent persons who cant see the acute inadequacies in his greedy personality.
    So his career started with butto photo and will end in front of Jinnah’s statue watching his all acts in president house.

  4. All these journalist named above are CREATING benefits to themself and there organization they work for in one way or the other BUT they are forgetting the BIGGer picture of Pakistan and they all are HARMING THE intrest of Pakistan. Who is LOOKING after the Supreme Intrest of Pakistan as Pakistani?

  5. Dr Shahid Masood is a proven Lair, Kamran Khan exposed him on Geo TV.

  6. the journalists like Ansar Abbasi shaheen sehbhai and shahid masood , talat hussain, hamid mir and nusrat javed and mushtaq minhas are of great substance and these old chaps like nazir naji are nonsense people, they dont have the courage to write the truth, n for your information people like ansar abbasi have been offered a lot of material as bribe but they choose the truth and reject bribes plots money foreign trips lucrative posts and many more while people like nazir naji accept it, and as far as the bloggers are concerned they they can never match top class journalism and these devoted anchors

  7. Nazir Naji is corrupt journalist. Ansar Abasi, Hamid Mir, Dr. Shahid Masood and Kashif Abbasi are great journalist. Nazir Naji should feel shame for telling lying and workig for financial benefits.

  8. Regretfully, from the couple of years i obsered the senior columist Mr. Nazir Naji through his projudice colums as a opportunist, projudice, cowered, and impatriat jurnalist.

    Pakistans Servant

  9. Shaheen Sehbai is a 200% Taliban and in his column he told to nation that soon he will kill the Zardari.

  10. Shaheen Sehbai is 200% Taliban and in his column he admitted that he is planning to kill Mr. Zardari. He is very angry with the present goverment due to operation in Swat and South Waziristan. He endorses suicide attacks on innocent nation. I strontly condemn and request Mr. Sehbai to please see your face in a mirror.

  11. Nazir Naji is well known oppertunist journalist. He along with Imtiaz Alam are always living along side with ruling party. In return they get all the benefites. Now a days it is very easy to bring arguements in favor or oppose even to the universal truths. I also agree to some extent with Shaheen Sehbai, Dr. Shahid Masood, Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi and Haroon Rashid. But I don’t know their hidden Agenda. Some time I feel these journalists are over stepping and try to discuss those issue extensively which are not for general public. This way they are helping the rulers for diverting general public attention from the real issues. I really like Mr. Hassan Nisar, Kamran Khan, Rahimullah Yousufzai and Munoo Bhai. They bring Public issues on surface.

  12. Shahid Masood,Shaheen Sehbai, Ansar Abbasi they are all agains Zardari and PPP because they want to stop army action against terrorist(less than animal living being called themselves Taliban), Shahid Masood history is that is is ex Jamatia, Ansar abbasi the way he talks on TV shows, he is backed by these forces called Taliban

  13. Kamran Khan and the Lies of Dr Shahid Masood

    He is ‘bad mouthing’ everybody from Musharraf to Zardari but would you like to watch him in this video with Musharraf and Dr Ishratul Ibad???? Dr Shahid Masood in the company of Relaxed General Musharraf and Governor Sindh Ishratul Ibad and that too after Dr Shahid Masood joined Pakistan Television Corporation on the orders of President Zardari:

    Dr. Masood, who was once everyone’s friend, turns so quickly to an enemy that he has left himself with no credibility on which to stand. When will these conspiracy-wallahs learn that in sacrificing the good of their country for their own personal gain, they do not help themselves, but only hurt their own reputation as well as their nations?

  14. These are the recent three discoveries in the field of corruption. That’s right, one would never have thought that a very very senior journalist could be corrupt guy. I am referring to Dr. Shahid Masood. The first public critic came in August 08 when he wrote his article about Musharraf’s resignation, he stated that he shook hands with Musharraf, talked to him, and blah blah, whereas this claim was first disproved by SAMAA TV’s senior producer who wrote a letter to Daily Jang and explained that Dr. Shahid Masood in fact was not present in that hall. This was also disproved by the Musharraf’s spokesmen and this column was fictitious.

    Dr. Shahid Masood was still in rumors that he may resign PTV and others, it all got cleared when Dr. Shahid Masood was brought into Jawab Deh by Iftikhar Ahmad in 23 Nov Episode. Dr. Shahid again made many claims and most of the them were also disproved later in Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath”.
    Other false claims are:
    1. “Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad was my class fellow”, Sources rejected the claim
    2. “Dialogue(think tank) was self financed”, one of the attendee rejected the claim and reported that Dr. Shahid Masood paid all accommodation and travel expenses.
    Ref: “Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Saath” November 24 Episode.

  15. see the hidden facts

    and decide your serlf who is right & who is wrong

  16. Shaheen Sehbai or ‘Mouse’ Sehbai

    Mr Shaheen Sehbai (former correspondent of Daily Dawn; former editor of The News; ex Director News of ARY ONE TV Channel; former director of GEO News Network; and presently one of the many editors of the News), escaped from Pakistan to save himself from the so-called wrath of the establishment headed by General Musharraf, after the controversy surrounding his story about the murder of Daniel Pearl. It was apparently simply to obtain the Green Card for himself, and his family in the United States.
    Mr Sehbai then started to run a web based news service, i.e., South Asia Tribune, funded through dubious sources, but he suddenly reappeared and closed his website. During his self-imposed exile in the USA, he used to raise hue and cry against the military establishment that he and his family members’ life was in danger, but the so-called danger suddenly vanished after the whole family getting the Green Cards.
    He then returned to Pakistan and that too under the same Musharraf regime, and joined ARY TV channel, then GEO, and then the News, where he is presently working.
    Upon Zardari coming to power, he suddenly became active, and started writing almost a daily column in order to be noticed by Zardari. He was hoping to be appointed High Commissioner to Canada as he was competing with Haqqani. When this could not materialize, and he realized that Zardari does not read newspapers, he has gradually gone into his Green Card cocoon.
    The people like Shaheen Sehbai are never sincere to this soil. When he was not noticed by Zardari he started yelping against him.
    Not only this Mr. Sehbai also tried to betray COAS and sat in his feet urging him to intervene before the installation of political set up. The situation would be quite different if Mr. Sehbai was made ambassador to Canada, he would be praising Govt but alas the greedy dog could not get and now woofing madly.
    Shaheen Sehbai, the current Group Editor of daily English newspaper The News International, and his two team members Ansar Abbasi and Rauf Klasra are extremely unhappy with the PPP-ANP-JUI Government in Pakistan, particularly with President Asif Zardari.
    Does any one know, why?
    Here is the list of various demands by this group presented to President Zardari:
    1. Removal of a criminal case against Shaheen Sehbai which was registered against Sehbai in 2001. The person who filed the complaint with the Rawalpindi police on 21 August is Khalid Hijazi, who is the former husband of a cousin of Sehbai. The complaint alleges that Sehbai carried out an “armed robbery” in his home on 22 February 2001. Sehbai was told by President Zardari that he must face these charges in a court of law.
    2. Sehbai tried to approach Chief Justice Abdul Hamid Dogar for ’settlement’ of this case but his request was turned down.
    3. Shaheen Sehbai’s team members (Ansar Abbasi in particular) are vehement supporters of Jamaat Islami and the Taliban. They are upset with President Zardari because of his decision to fight terrorist of Taliban and Al Qaeda.
    4. On February 16, 2002, Sehbai let a story run that “exposed” government Pakistani ties with terrorist bombings in India (a story that also ran in The Washington Post and The International Herald Tribune by the work of the reporter, not Sehbai). The government immediately stopped its advertisements in The News, and put inordinate pressure on the company to fire those involved in the creation and publishing of the story.
    5. Mr. Sehbai returned to America and started a web based newspaper, The South Asian Tribune, in which he produced many false stories against Pakistan. Obviously he became bitter towards Musharraf because of Musharraf’s tough stance on war on terror and also because Musharraf had decided to weaken ties between ISI and Jihadis/Talibans. In 2005, Sehbai, announced that he was closing The South Asian Tribune after three years of service.
    6. Invitation to the Army Chief General Kayani to intervene in politics: In his highly controversial article in Daily The News on 2 September 2008, Shaheen Sehbai states that the very fact that Asif Zardari is about to become the head of the state of Pakistan proves how big a mess Musharraf made. He says thus it is the army’s duty to fix it as the political parties certainly are not capable of doing it. “Risking the charge that will instantly be thrown at me that I am inviting the Army to intervene again”, he offers a seven-step plan for General Kiyani.
    Extremely shameful articles by Shaheen Sehbai. He is asking for a new Martial Law. What a shame. This person has gone nuts.

  17. doctor shahid masood kamine par lanat beshumaaaaaaaaaaar

  18. Mr.Shahid Masood is a journalist who sees a thing which he shows good.He remains with PPPP and he left PPPP due to what.? I think he left due to his own reason.Now he should never do same story.Plz dr.sahib u have good knowledge.Plz spend it on for the country welfare.

  19. Some eight/nine months back there was an episode of Talk Show “Capital Talk” on Geo in that choosy participants predicted and discussed ouster of present democratic set up and take over by army “within one month”. I don’t know what lead they got that resulted in this shameful episode. But sure, they had gotten something no matter how shadowy. This explains the psyche of Geo TV anchors and journalists - an unconfirmed news tip that met their agenda became the very important news to give this issue a full hour-long episode. But, I want to expose a very very dangerous trend of these maniacs who call themselves “journalists”.

    Military take over? Not one of them shivered with fear. Not one of these participants spoke about a resistance if Army took over. They are the same journalists who boast that descendence of Military rule and succession of present democratic set up is due their “untiring” efforts. If you recall, or if you get CD of this episode and watch it one more time, you will find all the participants’ faces were shining with pleasure, as if they had in their hands “job well done”. This sad and sordid side of the story, I will never ever forget. If they are blamed that they are playing some nefarious games on some agenda (no matter on inside or outside directive), I find logics in it.

  20. JEW TV

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