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Sectarianism in Pakistan Just Before Elections. Why?

By Rohail Butt • Mar 6th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • One Response

When military cannot save its GHQ, Mehran Base, Kamra Base, ISI regional head quarters, Naval basis and its own officers from the terrorists, how on earth Punjab government with the Punjab Police could crackdown on the terrorists across the province. Even Shahbaz Sharif cannot do that, no matter how much he would have wished that.

Nobody in any province or federal capital has got the muscle to start a massive crackdown against the sectarian terrorists, who are basically the part of Pakistani Taliban. They are very powerful and are present at the grass root level. LeT is just a bunch of sectarian thugs like Tehrik-e-Jafria.

LeT is also present in Balochistan and their base in Karachi is in Sohrab Goth area, where most of displaced people from FATA are present. In Karachi and Quetta, LeT is doing sectarian activities with the help of Pakistani Taliban out of Pushtun dominated areas. Why don’t Sindh government does an operation there? Because they simply cannot. Same is the case in Quetta, where Hazara fraternity is being targeted.

Have you ever thought why all of a sudden LeT has become so much of a news in our media? Why all of a sudden there is a rush and urgency in their attacks in Quetta and Karachi and one assassination in Lahore? Why Rehman Malik is pointing fingers at the Punjab and doing nothing at his own to curb this menace? Why now, when elections are just round the corner?

With blood-soaked Karachi and Quetta, this fire is being lit in controlled fashion. So far this has failed to delay the elections as sane elements in Shia and Sunni sects have kept it under the lid. These are the same forces who first launched Imran Khan and then Qadri to delay the elections and prolong the caretaker setup. Both of their puppets have failed miserably. Now these forces are resorting to bloodshed to achieve their results.

Zara Sochiya.

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  1. No one launched Imran Khan. He is working hard since 1996. I alongwith with my family voted for him in 1997 and was shocked to see that that in the election results it was declared that our particular polling station had 0 votes for him. That is how engineered our elections are in Pakistan. He might not be a great statesman but he is an honest and hard working man and that is what we need for Pakistan.
    This sectranian killing is naturally the work of forces which want instabililty and chaos for Pakistan.May God grant Pakistanis enough strength to overcome all this and for once they select the right honest and capable people to represent them in assemblies. Please people reject all greedy and corrupt politicians and vote for honest people.

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