Say No to Maryam, Hamza, Bilawal, Moonis, Afza and Sulaiman

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We just saw that Zardari has given us our new king, and we are seeing that Sharif brothers are in the process of giving us our new king and queen, and Chaudhrys have already made one attempt to give us a prince, whereas Altaf Husain is preparing the princesses in London, and Imran Khan is yet to announce the next king for us.

All of above kings and queens have many things in common, in fact they look exactly the same as they share almost all of the traits. They have spent most of their lives abroad. Their upbringing and education has mostly been done in West, mainly in London. They are awfully rich. They never tasted any poverty and suffering of common man. They all will inherit the politics from their elders in will and believe that ruling Pakistan is their birth right.

Some of these future kings and queens have already started flapping their wings and some have even shown their mettle already. Hamza shone with the Ayesha Ahad case and Moonis Elahi rose to new heights with the NICL scandal, and they proved their credibility by getting out of these messes unscathed, though they were guilty like hell. Have you seen Bilawal’s Halloween pictures?

Imran Khan’s mummy daddy gora kids hardly know about Pakistan, but make no mistake about them. They are the heirs of the throne of Pakistan just like Bilawal has always been, and just like Afza Altaf is all poised to be the new chief of Karachi in the future.

Is that our destiny?

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