Say Goodbye to Tyranny Forever, Lovely Pakistanis

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President Musharraf, few weeks ago, said that he would leave when nation would want him to leave. Nation has asked him to leave by rejecting revoltingly, his hand-made Pakistan Muslim League-Quashed. Nation is rejoicing and you can sense it everywhere. Even the sun is smiling and flowers just cannot wait to come out and declare an early spring.

Mr. Musharraf has himself conceded that his acts of 3rd Novemeber were not constitutional, and now nation is looking up at their newly elected leaders to reinstate the judiciary, and free media and start doing some practical measures to show nation that they mean business.

But in this regard nation has to play a very vigilant part. They have done their half part by rejecting the forces of status qou, and they now need to see that their leaders don’t get it wrong, and do what they told them that they would do once in power.

They need to now rally behind their elected leaders and make sure that Mr. President leave the power, and let the civilians rule the country. The nation should also get prepared to ensure the implementation of measures which will translate their dreams into the realities.

Pakistan People’s Party has taken a clear majority in the national assembly, and it is in the position of making government in Sindh and NWFP. It has also got a strong position in Punjab. PML-N has also performed extremely good despite of assaults. PPP is set to gain 110+ seats, PML-N 90+, PML-Q 45+, ANP 25+ in the national assembly.

PPP and PML-N would have to make government, but not before they clearly tell nation what their mutual game plan is.

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