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Sanam Bhutto’s Interview to Daphne Barak

By Haris Hashmi • Mar 18th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 13 Comments

Daphne Barak, an International Interviewer and an Executive Producer, combines exclusive interviews for both print and TV media. She has established and achieved tremendous success by conducting interviews and extending her work to worldwide viewers and readers.

Daphne Barack has recently interviewed Sanam Bhutto, sister of Benazir Bhutto, the two time Prime Minister of Pakistan who was assassinated in 2007 in Rawalpindi. The interview with Sanam Bhutto is an eye opener in which she has opened up her heart. Daphne is not only internationally acclaimed, she is also a very fast friend of Benazir Bhutto.

In her interview with Sanam  Bhutto, Daphne has unearthed many facts. Asif Ali Zardari is having massive problems within the family and Sanam Bhutto has accused that Zardari has confiscated the insurance money of Benazir Bhutto and has subjgated the assets which primarily belong to Bhutto family. Sanam Bhutto has also revealed that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is also not happy with the happenings.

Sanam Bhutto has revealed that Bhutto family is very disturbed the way Zardari has hijacked the party and now inflicting irrepairable damage to the party. The way crisis have weakened the party and the way Zardari is neglecting the loyalist of Benazir Bhutto has angered even the Bilawal, who is also imagining himself the party chairman in the next 5 to 6 years.

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  1. You are a real wanderer in search of masala recipe.

    Why dont you write about countries you visited so to aware us a little regarding sights and scenes.

    I think it would be a good deal to have you with your experiences.

  2. The author writes:

    “”Bilawal, who is also imagining himself the party chairman in the next 5 to 6 years.”"

    By that time he will be around 25 year old.

    Does he even understands Pakistan??How many years did he stay in Pakistan??

    Amazing stuff.

  3. Sanam Bhutto rejected a report published on Thursday in a local newspaper alluding to her alleged differences with President Zardari as a total fabrication and a vicious attack on ‘me, my family and the memory of Benzir Bhutto Shaheed.’

    Talking to the media here at the Pakistan High Commission, the sister of the late Benazir Bhutto said that she had made none of the statements attributed to her in the report.

    ‘There was no interview with Daphne Barak and each insinuation is a complete fabrication.’

    She said she was ‘very angry’ as she began to read her statement.

    The news report she was referring to was published on Wednesday. Quoting an identified source the report had referred to an interview given to a freelance journalist, Daphne Barak by Sanam Bhutto which the report further said would be released at some future date. The report had not carried any direct confirmation from Daphne herself about her purported interview with Sanam Bhutto.

    Sanam said Barak was never a friend of Benazir Bhutto, ‘They met for an interview fifteen years ago. She knows nothing about my sister or about our family’s relationships. She is not, as suggested, in any way an insider of the Bhutto family on any issue.’

    (DAWN - Wednesday 19, 2009)

  4. Not only Sanam and Billo, am also not happy with the situation :)

  5. The Shaheed Bhutto Family is off course in hot water now a days due to the action of Mr Zardari. The Peoples Party of Pakistan PPP was came into being by tremendous work and efforts taken by Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in senveties.How the Party earned their name and worth with the judicial murders of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Later On Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was assisnated and the nations was in the grip of grief . each one of lovers pakistan has Grievances by the sacrifies family. this is a same case of the Indian Congress of Gandhi Family. Now the Sonia Gandhi and her succesor took the charge of the party and brought farward the mission and vision of Gandhi Family. where as the case of Bhutto Family has become totally differant and all Pakistani even the world has observation on Mr. Zardari. There is no Doubt when a deceased family members raised the family conflict . this is serious issue and will ultimatly decrease the Values of Zardari and Party. the Vision and Mission of Bhutto Family would become past and no one will farward the name of sacrified family.

  6. Whatever happens on part of AAZ the Shaheed Bhutto’s PP would not be past not atleast in near future, but the responsibility lies on Sanam Bhutto. She has to do do something or least join in active politics in Zardar Party. She is one of the Bhutto’s. The Bhutto Charisma. But if PP collapses it would really be a misfortune to Pakistan - not due to that Iam a Bhuttoist - but you need PP in Pakistan. the current scenrio could slim down Only if Sanam returns. Be Brave Sanam.

  7. If there was ‘No Interview’, why does the ”Daphne Barak Official Site”, says:

    Nice Prank- Ms Barak !!!

  8. Too much of money and absolute power are too much of a curse. One loses the sense of belonging and relationship.The death of Shahnawaz, Murtaza, BB, differences within Bhutto family are all due to money and property. Grab power and make more money is the policy of family. It is a cartel where a myth of Bhuttos has been created to deceive ordinary people to grab power and loot national wealth. There is no democracy in Pakistan. There are dynasties created to rule pakistan. Presently three major dynasties and some minor dynasties have been created. Major dynasties are Army, PP and PML {N} minor dynasties are ANP, MQM, JUI( Fazl ur Rahman) and Muslim Conference in Azad Kashmir. We have to discourage dynastic politics. Let Balawal grow up as a normal human being. If he has abilities he may become PM. But makng him a prince is not acceptable. I pity men like Yusuf Raza gilani, Salman taseer and Dr Babar awaan who dry their mouths in praising Balawal. Please have mercy on this poor nation.

  9. Sanm is lying big time!!! she said she never met the interviewer in tha last 20 years. But Jang newspaper today has published her photo with her. That tells enough of it

  10. I refuse to believe Mr. Aftab S. Alam’s statement dated 19 Mar 2009. That fact of the matter is that Ms Barak did interview Ms Sanam Bhutto who really is perturbed about what Mr. Zardari has done to the Bhutto family and their party (PPPP). The moral of the story is that “there is no end to one’s greed”.

  11. This is 200% correct, Sanam Bhutto was interviewed by Barak the pictures in daily Jang proved it. The deniel by Sanam through Pakistani High Commission shows that she is not only under pressure but she is scared from Zardari. Because she knew about Zardari that he is man who is involved looting money during her sister’s govt , he is involved in the murder of her brother Murtaza’s murder case , in the murder of Justice Nizam case , murder of chairman steel mill Sajjad Hussain case. so sanam is also scared of zardari. Sanam’s interview about Zardari is correct but it is so late she should have said that when his brother was alive she should have said that when BB was alive it i too late but still she has time to raise her voice against a crual murderer who not only killed her brother but her sister too. whole nation is suffering today because of this man. I think this is time to save pakistan to save Bhuttoism for that sanam should come forward and to realize the situation and she should got to real Bhuttos Ghinwa , Fatima and Zulfikar junior and to take her mother Begum Sahiba to her own house 70- Clifton and she should take her to her blood her grandchildren are waiting for her …. Sanam this is time for you otherwise it will be too late You understand Zardari in a year after BB I think good all the people the workers of BB hate this man they love Bhuttos not zardaris ..

  12. i have heard much about daphne, one cant de weigh her as a doubted source, her affiliation with benazir bhutto is undeniable, it is surprising for me that how one can deny such accusations about the person like zardari, much more is expected on his part. It is out come of our 60 yesrs sins, corruption, disloyality and ethical crimes that such beast managed to get this position. Pakistanis feel embarrassed claiming him as their president. Her great wife due to whom he got the position, she never allowed this man to interfere her political obligation after bearing a great loss due to him.There was a people party which acclaimed real party of people of pakistan and proved it but now it has become party of impotents(title given to party members by zardari himself). we know this fallen angel is dragging our sweet home land to disaster but we cant help it. We shall never forgive party members (the impotents)

  13. I think what Daphne saying is right, coz its abt Mr Zardari and as you all know how they were claming that Chief Justice Of Pakistan will not be restored but every 1 saw what happened…and for your info A Pakistani Jurnalist Dr. Shahid Masood has already taken this type of interview from Banazir’s friend in DUBAI in which she tell how Mr. Zardari behaved in presesse of her wife like he wanted to HUG her and bla bla……

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