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Salajeet Khalis for Bah and Sugar at Yonani Dawa Khana

By Zeeshan Khan • Jan 31st, 2011 • Category: Mystic Matters • 8 Comments

I went to a matab, a Yonani dawakhana in Lahore to get some power doze regarding my sexual power. I wanted to elongate my sexual pleasure time and I wanted to feel not to weak after the intercourse. I told Hakeem sahib about my problem and he after thinking for some minutes recommended me salajeet.

He told me that it’s a centuries old recipe for such problems and I could use it without any threat or risk. He said not only salajeet was older and affective for the sperm production and lengthening the time of intercourse, it was also good for diabetic patients and for those who have stones in their bladder or kidney.

I bought it for few thousands rupees and haven’t used it yet, because I am wondering whether it is really safe? If it is so powerful and great and magical then why not everybody is using it, and why not medical science recommends it? Before hakim sahib I also went to a medical doctor and he said that it was all in my mind and nothing else and he suggested me to go see a psychiatrist.  Now that is more perplexing.

Any ideas or success or failure stories?

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