Royal Raja in London

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It seems begums of our premiers love shopping in London. First we came to know that our former first lady, the wife of one Yousaf Raza Gilani went on a shopping spree in the Harrods London. So much so that even Harrods staff was shocked. Now its the turn of our current Shah, whose begum, and other family members are having some best days of their lives.

When Raja Pervaiz Ashraf was minister of power, and was minting money through the Rental Power Plants, his front-man, person from his own village near Gujjar Khan, was looking for some plush property in up-scale area in the Central London. Before the ink of RPP scam got dried, Raja was the proud owner of a £4.3m flat in London. I guess, it was his this credential which made him qualified in the eyes of Zardari for the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

In TPS, somebody has already written about how Raja rented a house in Islamabad, owned by an expat and then occupied it, without paying a penny in first tenure of Benazir Bhutto. But these times are different. Now he is the absolute ruler and can do whatever he wants.

So the First son, First daughter-in-law, first lady, and first siblings have attacked the designer stores of London, and spending millions of rupees. All of them have bought lots of watches, jewellery, electronics, dresses, purses, bags, and gift items. The new bride-groom of Raja family are also celebrating their honey moon on our expense. They all are staying in five star hotel Berkeley in Nights Bridge area and have booked 26 rooms for four days. All of the rooms are on rent of 1200 pounds daily. This Royal Raja entourage has also rented 28 new Mercedes Benz luxury cars to travel around the London.

Can they thank Zardari enough?

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