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Rohani Wazaif from Quran

By Guest Blogger • Feb 13th, 2013 • Category: Mystic Matters • One Response

People from all across the planet and especially in the Pakistan region are very excited and very happy that one of their desire has been fulfilled and they have now something right according to their aspiration. That is not only timely but also of very high quality. Aalam and Aalim has crossed yet another milestone in the media arena.

Maulana Bashir Ahmad Farooqi Qadri, the chief of Sailani welfare international trust, has been telling rohani wazaif and musnoon prayers from Quran and Hadith to the people on their calls and during the program. This spirtiual series is being liked a lot and lots of people are tuning in and praising this series.

People are calling to know about the prayers for rizq, barkat, heart peace, health, salat, aulad, and for against the magic effects.

Maulana also discussed various other issues and provided advice to many people.

This is again a very nice step in the right direction.

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  1. please tellme some taweez and wazifa forchiled maira beta atth saal ka likan buhat zidy or hut dahram hy buhut ghusa karta hy quran ya koi bhidua prahana chahhoon to nahi partha or mujh par abhi sy barabar hath uthata hy yani marta hy maira aik hi beta hy allaha ny ur ullad bhi de buhat pareshan hoon najany mary par kaisy sakhti hy ya koi jaddo hy please mujhy koi hall batain baity ka namm syed ahmad hussain shah hy ur maira name asma babar hashmi hy

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