Religion Without Humanity is Useless

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I am outraged… I am having difficulty trying to find words to explain how I have been feeling lately.  I cannot get the haunting image of hundreds of janazas (coffins) lined up in the open cold rainy night with grim faced people sitting by the side of their dead… This was last month, and the scene was repeated again last week.  How can any Muslim plan and kill another human being without any remorse?

Do they ever think that on the Day of Judgment they will stand in front people of their Lord and have to answer for their actions?  What will they tell their Lord?  I killed the innocents to please you my Lord!  And what will the Just Lord answer… Well done my servant!  I keep wondering… What purpose did it serve to kill a highly skilled ophthalmologist and is twelve year old son.

This person was able to give eyesight back to thousands of people by the grace of Allah SWT, and he was killed in the name of the same Lord!  What irony!  Innocent are being killed, brilliant and skilled people are being killed but we as human beings are doing nothing about it. Not even protesting!  I am not a Shia, but I am a Muslim and above all, a human being!  The Lord has made me superior to all being and in my superiority I protest these senseless killings!  May it be Hazaras or Shias or any other ethnicity or religion?  I stand by them and I cry out loud, “STOP THE KILLINGS”.

Abdul Sattar Eidh said, “”The best religion of all is humanity and if religion doesn’t have humanity, then it is useless.” I agree.

You the killers your religion is useless!

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I live in Seattle, Washington with my wife (a public school teacher) and daughter (a college student). I am a College of Communications graduate from Michigan State University. Currently I am a consultant on Social Media for a government organization. For many years I have worked as a marketing communications consultant with companies like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Motorola, and many smaller ones. I am a blogger, a photographer, a song writer and singer, a passionate cook and a part time film maker (In fact, I am a true artist). I love the outdoors and go hiking, trekking and skiing when time permits. I work closely with the Pakistani American community in the Greater Seattle Area and edit & publish a local journal called "Pakbaan”.

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