Rehman Malik Invites Shahrukh Khan to Join PPP

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The Pakistan People’s Party badly and urgently needs a martyr as the next elections loom large. The martyrdom of late Benazir Bhutto has run it’s course and today’s voters don’t even remember the senior Bhutto who was hanged. Benazir used that corpse to death in her elections, and now Zardari knows that he wouldn’t be able to sell his deceased wife’s dead body to the voters come next elections.

While every other political party is searching for electable candidates, People’s Party is hard at work finding the cashable corpse. They know that they cannot use Salman Taseer’s icon because that won’t even sell in Royal Palm Club Lahore, let alone in whole country. They very well know that they can cash in the Bhutto’s dead bodies only in interior Sindh, which would be a difficult task too this time.

That is why Rehman Malik is so keen to bring in some highly loved celebrity from abroad to Pakistan. His heart has suddenly gone out for the “miserable” and “pathetic” life of SRK in India. He has asked him to come to Pakistan, join PPP, get ticket of PPP from Larkana, hold a rally, get martyred, and provide PPP a martyr. PPP would go crazy blaming RAW outside of Sindh for that assassination and they would blame Punjab and military in interior Sindh for that murder.

All the youth of Pakistan who adore SRK would surely fall for that and give PPP a sympathy vote. All anti-India vote would also go to PPP. So all they need is a martyr. So let’s wait for Shahrukh Khan Shaheed. Or shall we say, “Shahrukh Khan Bhutto Zardari.”?

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