Rehman Dakait and Arshad Pappu : Lyari Gang War

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Lyari is the one of the most populous and oldest locality of the megapolis Karachi, but for the last some years it has become a no go area for the common people due to the on going gang wars in the area, in which hundreds of people die in the cross firing or gun shooting.

Two leading gangs of Lyari are of Rehman Dakait and Arshad Pappu. Previously both worked together, but then got separated due to conflicts and then a bloody feud started between the two. Both gangs are busy in fighting with each other take control of criminal dens in the Lyari and the suburbs.

Recently the skirmishes between the both groups have increased many folds. Rehman Dakait has been involved in the abduction of industrialists from the S.I.T.E area Karachi and now police have launched a massive operation against this gang war.

About 150 policemen along with armored carriers and mobiles launched the drive against criminal gangs in the locality and up till now six people have died. Police should eradicate these anti-social elements once and for all and they should also make sure that no civilian causalities happen during these operations.

One wonders as why police wakeup so late, when petty criminals become so powerful that they take hostage thousands of people?

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