Rahat Fateh Ali Khan PML N Song

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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice is a virtual guarantee for the success of any movie in the Bollywood. His songs make the movie, and the absence of them breaks them. One has to give credit to the PTI’s media managers that they realized that power and got the song of Rahat for PTI.

PTI’s this smart move not only moved the hearts of the youth, who simply love Rahat, it also sent an impression that Rahat was supporting PTI, and it was another huge advantage. Bit late, but PML-N has woken up and Rahat has also produced a song for PML-N. Rahat song for PML-N has been released and it’s quite nice too, just like the PTI one.

The trend in contemporary public gatherings in Pakistan is that no jalsa gets completed with music and some theatrics. This attracts youth, who form the major voteĀ  bank these days, and that is why every party is getting the songs ready. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is the best choice.

One wonders when People’s Party and other parties get his services. May be other singers like Atif Aslam also get some work from political parties, and this business would flourish.

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