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Quetta College Girls Misbehaved by Driver Scandal

By Sharafat • Apr 4th, 2010 • Category: Misc • 16 Comments

The students of the Girls’ College, Quetta Cantonment, scuffled with the administration and the staff, including the college principal, here on Saturday when their demand for taking action against a driver of the college bus was turned down.

Some students of the Government Girls’ College, Cantt, had asked the principal to dismiss the driver, who was blamed for misbehaving with them. The principal of the institution, Miss Shagufta, refused to do so. This triggered resentment and the girls boycotted the classes, went to the roof of the college building from where they chanted slogans against the administration and the principal of the college.

The protest turned violent when the police stopped some girls, who attempted to climb over the gate and let the media teams come into the college to cover the incident.

Some of the girls opposed the protest, saying certain girls, who neither pay attention to their studies nor allow others to do so in a peaceful environment, were spoiling the situation.

They observed that the handful of miscreants, besides hatching conspiracies against the principal, always created obstacles for the college administration.

Later, Education Minister Tahir Mahmood arrived at the college premises, listened to the stance of the girls and dismissed the bus driver.

He also announced to set up a three-member committee, comprising Minister Quality Education Jan Ali Changezi, Prosecution Minister Rahila Durrani and himself to probe into the matter. The college has been closed for four days.

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16 Responses »

  1. dear sir

    That is very good that you right ablog.When you report a news there are some morality which you have to concider.You reported that some of the girls did not support the protest and you have used the word MISCREAT which is a v very harsh word.This word mostly has been used in the media for the terrorist in Afghanistan and South waziristan.This is not aproprate word for the student protesters.Second you did not provide the views of the protesters and espically the victom.When you report you have give the both side story and you have not mentioned the number and the scale of the protester.
    mokhat ali
    AC MK.
    United Kingdom.

  2. I agree with Mr. Mokhtar, this action would be like nipping in the bud.

  3. I think you have missroported the incident, the girls called the boyfriends to the girls college after the missbehave of driver, they didnot contect the principal at all, the boys came to the girls college they beaten the principal and some other teachers, which was a very shamefull act by that comunity boys and reaction to this incident acured today on 16th april 10 when 10 people including two police officers of that comunity has been killed in a target killing and bom explosion, over reaction to a normal incident and people like you forwarding the miss caricature of the incident takes lives of other inocent people, it is totaly barbarism.

  4. That driver deserve that. He should be fired.

  5. i hate quetta all colleges of girls

  6. is main 100 pesad main mushkel say 20 pesad achi lakeyah hai

  7. we all know the character of hazara girls..the girl was abusing the van of the principal and driver just held her hand and took her to the principals..point to remember is driver is an old guy..and it was no protest as we all know every hazara girl has a boy friend then call came in to spoil the time hazaras should be sent back to afghanistan..

  8. sorry about my english in previous post as i am tired but don’t forget all hazaras should be thrown out of quetta city …

  9. Salam u Alaikum. I am looking here for a web site where i can find some data about the course structures and other stuff about girls colleges in quetta but what a mess ! All i can find is just blogs created by x-students. i cant see any thing creative not even a single site created by any one from these colleges…

  10. madam is always wrong…………i hate miss shagufta …….she is not a good person loser madam of g.g.d.c

  11. heey miss aliya you are a looser ok if you dont respect any one so then dont say wrong things about her.
    she is the most telanted and respect ful principal college histoy….
    what ever she have done was right.

  12. Hazara girls are far better than pattan girls. Pattan girls ziada kha rab or ba sharum hai. I also agree with that hazara girl are not so good but you guys must also think about pattan and also punjabi girls. Lol

  13. all queta girl any time any thing cal me i shal help u

  14. murad tm begherath ho gy do ko ghalath bolny sy pehly khod ko deko loser

  15. shugfta ki maa choday randi hai hazzara zindabad

  16. hazzara payar k liye bane han chodo in ko mazza lo

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