Questioning The Judgment of Generals

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Heavens started falling as one former army chief and one former ISI chief were held responsible for meddling in national politics back in the early nineties. Chief of military himself took upon himself to threaten the judiciary and media and warned of consequences in wrapped words.

The prime reason which military circles give to shut up any criticism and convictions is that they are at wars. Look at our masters, oceans apart. America’s longest war is dragging on and their soldiers are dying too and they are getting nowhere and its a long shame for them. The morale of their military is down and suicide rate is increasing within their ranks. But as their generals are questioned publicly in media and by the state institutes, nobody is lamenting and threatening that these generals were the war heroes for Americans and they are at wars and all that emotional stuff.

It’s paramount and very important that media discusses the conduct of generals and their operations. Its very important that judiciary take notice any misconduct of generals. This will keep generals in check and they would avoid surrendering arms like 71, adventures like Kargil and Lal Masjid, and staging recurring coups. This will also keep them from meddling and twisting public mandate and indulging in politics and this will keep them from becoming business tycoons.

Our military like any military in the world is very much needed and should be respected and love but must not be considered as holy cows. Everybody should submit to the law including the judiciary and parliament and military shouldn’t be any exception.

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