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Qadri Pushed Imran to Background

By Tazeen • Jan 10th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • One Response

When everybody is talking about Sheikh ul Islam, then why should I hold back :) Well for me the most noticeable thing after the emergence of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri is the lack of media time for tsunami and its head honcho Imran Khan.

Qadri’s massive and garguantan public gathering in Lahore has eclipsed the tsunami held by Imran Khan in 2011. People have stopped talking about Imran’s Minar-e-Pakistan jalsa, and everybody is talking about the numbers of Qadri and his upcoming long march. Tahir is perfectly leveraging his public gathering to make his long march a success, a move Imran missed and may be he will never recover.

Right before Qadri appeared at the scene, Imran started his campaign from Lodhran and the plan was to hold rallies and meetings throughout South and Central Punjab spreading to KPK. Media was poised to give it coverage, and writers like Hassan Nisar and Haroon Rasheed were heralding a new dawn. Few anchors were also in gear to provide yet another push to tsunami.

Now as Qadri is everywhere at media, nobody knows what PTI and Imran are up to. Nobody is covering their processions if there are any, and Imran is hardly doing any solo appearances at the TV talkshows as Qadri is the darling of media these days.

I am surprised that PTI still is very soft towards Qadri, who has taken up all their media limelight.

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