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Qadri Making Overseas Pakistanis Political Party

By Sameer Shaharyar • Feb 19th, 2013 • Category: Politics • No Responses

Our one and only Sheikh ul Islam has yet again fished out a ray of hope our of pitch black darkness. From the black judgement of Supreme Court over his petition about the Election Commission, Janab-e-Qadri has enabled himself to emerge as the sole representative and leader of overseas Pakistanis in Pakistan.

Now can you beat that? It’s a ready made, most richest and resourceful vote bank which has been grabbed by the Allama Doctor Professor. As Supreme Court questioned his dual citizenship and his basic right of challenging the election commission, Qadri didn’t for a second blushed, and accused Apex Court of insulting the overseas hands who are financially running this country.

Jesting apart, I am sure that no overseas Pakistani has felt bad after Supreme Court decision except may be people like Lord Nazir and Baroness Faqeer, as they might be eying their next tenure in Pakistan after the foreign one. Most of overseas Pakistanis don’t have dual citizenship as most of people are in UAE and KSA and they are the ones who are sending the funds to country. Overseas Pakistanis who have dual citizenship are mainly in UK and USA. They also contribute but not as much as the workers from deserts.

Nonetheless all overseas Pakistanis are worth of respect and they don’t feel bad at all at Justice Iftikhar, rather they are mad at this clown, who is trying to put blood of chicken on the wall of democracy and calling it as his own.

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