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The Punjab Police are responsible for policing in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.

During the Mughal era, Zamindars  were responsible (amongst other things) for law enforcement in Punjab and throughout the empire. The British administration relieved the Zamindars of their responsibility for the police service and introduced magistrates with daroghas and other subordinate officers for police purposes.

The modern system of policing was introduced during British Rule, and in 1947 the Punjab was divided between Pakistan and India – leading to the establishment of the Punjab Police force of Pakistan.[3]

The Punjab Police was also organized on the pattern of two main branches, the Military Preventive Police and the Civil Detective Police. As this arrangement was not found to be satisfactory so in 1860 the Government of India urged the Government of Punjab to look into the system of policing then prevalent in the Province. However, as the issue was of general importance the central Government appointed a commission to enquire into whole question of policing in British India. The Police Commission of 1860 recommended the abolition of the Military Arm of the Police, the appointment of an Inspector General of Police in the Province and the placement of Police in a district under the District Superintendent. The Commission recommended that only the District Magistrate should exercise any Police functions. Based on the recommendations of the Commission the Government of India submitted a bill which was passed into law as Act V of 1861. The Police Act of 1861 was adopted.

The organizational design that followed the Act survives to this day.

Currently the Punjab police are involved in counter terrorism operations in the state.

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