PTI’s Grand Achievements in the Elections

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I previously worked as Polling Agent and also as Election Agent for fun this time i was assistant presiding. I was eager to know all the process , I received a letter from ECP through which i came to know where i have to perform my duty  and when will i receive training. The training was on 25 April 2013.

I think it was first day therefore we have to face many problems.the training didn’t started on time,we have tea break after 12:00, and lunch on 3:00 pm.we have tea and four biscuits in tea break,and in lunch a plate of rice and packet of juice with a banana , all of low standard. especially the tea was only hot water with something in it which has turned it blackish not will be surprised to hear that (i am not confirm) that government charged Rs 700 per head for this.after all this the end time was 5:00 pm but we finished it about 6:00.there were problems for the peoples of far flung areas.Blank certificates were given for the completion of training and no honoraria for giving a complete day to the nation.

On 10 May 2013 we went to collect the material at 9:00 am and woww the whole city was there.Long ques every one was waiting for their turn ,we waited there till 1:30 then went to mosque to say our prayers and having little lunch,we got the material at 4:00 pm with policemen and our staff we reached to the station at 6:00 pm.I can not tell you the scene therein words . PTI workers were present there near the school they were clearing ground for their seating arrangement.they have tents flags buntings badges banners and all the other material you can expect to be there.Some of them came to us and asked that if we need any help,our Presiding Officer said no and they went back quietly. After unloading the Material and seeing the place one of our colleague who was local said to us that we may go now he will take care of the material and the presiding officer. so we left at 7:00 pm

All the time at night i was disturb because our Presiding Officer has asked to come early in the morning.I woke up at 4:00 am and got ready before 5:00.I reached there at  5:45 am.our local colleague has arranged the breakfast for the presiding officer and the police men.when we reached he offered us the tea too.tent seating arrangements water coolers tables and other things were arranged by PTI ,PMLN and JUI workers(out side the area) but PTI  and JUI workers looked more organised.  PTI workers looked enthusiastic , eager and younger than others.

they have already decided the plan so we have a little discussion on it and in just under an hour we have arranged the setup for the polling and in other 30 minutes we have distributed the material among our self and we were ready for the polling at 7:30 .
workers from different parties came to us and asked about the arrangement and also about breakfast.Workers of PTI who were very shy told us that they have training of polling process they know everything also they have conducted party elections.they were not coming close to us.they were also first to nominate their Polling Agents and ask them to take their positions. Other parties Polling Agents came just before 8:00 am and also they were mentally not ready to see the election process starting.

At 8:00 when we opened the school gate some 50 voters came in with a PTI voter cum worker .he guided them to their respective booth very swiftly in the mean time some agent start protesting against him we immediately stopped him .As soon as he polled his vote he left the school.all the process ran very smoothly we did our best to facilitate voters. almost at 5 pm we were told that the polling will continue up to 6 pm.after that in front of agents we opened the boxes one by one and checked the ballots. very few votes were 8:00 when we announced the result we start packing and sealing the material at 10:00 our presiding officer asked us to leave .he said that he will hand over all the material to the returning officer by himself.we were very tired so we left and we got Rs 1300 for all this trouble and i think it should be 10000 at least or nothing as it is a national duty.

As we came out of the polling station we thought that PTI has won every station because from my station to my house i saw only PTI on the roads and i saw the confirmation on the TV at home.i slept at 12:00 and woke up at 5:00 and again slept at 8:00. i was very tired the next day when i went to school i wished as the others also that there must be at least one more holiday.

In the end some quotes from Facebook:

For all the PTI supporters who are disappointed and think they’ve wasted their vote and time, think again!

1) Totally wiped out PPP from Punjab…
2) Totally wiped out ANP from KPK…
3) Claimed KPK prov assembly
4) Strong Opp in NA
5) Started the big change of “voting for a party” instead of a “Candidate” ..
6) Posed the Governments in times to come that if they don’t deliver they will be washed out!

The change has just started my dear Pakistanis… This will go very far in positive directions in times to come!

Huge changes are here!
So don’t lose heart and Accept democracy with a Big heart…
Be patriotic be a responsible Pakistani
we are not Pathan , not Punjabi , not Mahajir , Not Balochi , not Sindhi


“KPK governments in last 20 years
1993: PPP
1997: PML N
2002: MMA
2008: ANP
2013: PTI (IA!)

Point being…if someone does not perform, the Pathans show them the door.

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