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PTI: One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards

By Sameer Shaharyar • Mar 4th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 2 Comments

Will we ever get anything right in this country? In the form of PTI’s renaissance, many months back, we saw something truly different happening, but now just look at them and you would really feel pain at the heart as what have they become.

Disoriented and Disillusioned with heavy touches of smugness is what describes today’s Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf. Like other parties it revolves around one person, which happens to be a good person luckily, but the good things end there too.

What else would you say when people like Rasheed Bhatti and Aleem Khan win the internal elections of PTI from Lahore. Both are very known drug dealers and both have amassed their immense wealth through land grabbing. Even PPP and PML-N don’t have land grabbers of that stature. This has disturbed the genuine and common workers of PTI a lot.

Now to talk about Javed Hashmir and Shah Mehmood Qureshi. They both are not asset, rather a liability. Both areĀ  blinded by the hatred of their own former parties and using PTI as vehicle to satisfy their own vengeance. Both dont represent change at all. So is the case of Jehangir Tareen, Azam Swati, Arif Alvi, and Ghulam Server Khan.

Imran might be able to dent the PML-N with the way he is going, but he would only pave the way for another dark rule of PPP plus MQM plus PML-Q plus ANP. This troubled land surely doesn’t require that. This perpetual confusion and inherent lack of political sagacity on the party of Imran Khan has put the whole party in distress.

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  1. in my opinion its all the kingmaker who matters not the king..aleem khan and bhatti, no doubt, are the most notorious persons in lhr. but this is i.k who matters.N.S doesn’t impress me at all.dummy leader.

  2. Hi my name ayub khan my gril frined plz call me my namber03072025299 ok

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