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Pseudo Talibans

By Farid Masood • Oct 15th, 2008 • Category: Politics • 4 Comments

Irrespective of that who made Al-Qaeda, Taliban etc like groups and used for what reasons and on what fronts, when the utility of such groups is over then defaming and creating and projecting negative (required) image is done by use of media and diplomatic channels. There could be certain different affiliations of these created groups and due to the affiliations some sub-group also formed and these newly formed groups may also fall in the premises of different nefarious designs for the time being thus affecting their image and presence. 

As far as the case of ‘Talibans’ is concerned local tribal people or groups of people (at Pakistani western borders) are not actually ‘Talibans’ in the sense and terminology what Bush Administration use. But for the time being if we consider them ‘Talibans’ even then their love to a peaceful area cannot be eradicated from their personalities and behavior. 

People who were invited in the name of so-called ‘Afghan Jihad’ we outsiders also. They were invited and exploited then in the name of religion. When they came here and lived in this area, they established relation with the local residents, so they became inhabitants of this area of WANA, FATA, Waziristan, Zhob, Chamman etc. As far as their presence is concerned they all cannot he tagged as harmful people. 

While ‘India backed’ government in Afghanistan and ministers like Abdullah Abdullah have given much damage to this specific area of Pakistani Western Borders. 

Knowing that ‘Sikhs’ and ‘Pathans’ resemble in general body appearance like body structure, height, weight, beard, complexion etc, then its become much easier for them to intervene this area with their special forces, so India did it some years back and now they are reaping their interest. 

Mixed in the Talibans are trained Sikhs, Hindus and other nations of Indian and other Intelligence agencies helping to deteriorate the situation in this border area. 

Presence of Indian or other international agencies were re-confirmed when US drones started their attacks and many people died. While giving burial bath to dead bodies it revealed information that amongst dead many not Muslims. 

Time to correct our mistaken foreign policies spread over three decades. US and Karzai will fly away without any notice and we cannot change our geographical existence, and Pakistan will be most affected country post US era. Time needs strengthening the ties with China in fields of economics, strategic, defense, Planning and Industrial at national level.

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  1. Absolutely spot on.

  2. Very true, a friend of mine from Sawat valley told me of one such incident, when the local villagers kiiled the tailban, only to find they were not even circumcised.

    The border with afghanistan should be sealed, if hamid karzai barks then let him, coz thats all he ever does , and thats all he can do.

    Then after finishing the taliban already in Pakistan, we will have a chance of peace.

    And Allah Does As He Plaease!

  3. I may repeat it here that today we have some three main articles presented on this, close to our heart candid blog; The Pakistani Spectator. All the three articles including this Lead story; ‘No cowing in fear’, are very explicitly giving out the details of the enemies of Pakistan. The bloggers here are not just ‘Pakistani Spectators’ but the Truth Digger who can drill beneath the eye wash and fake rhetoric of the hypocrites. There are the glaring evidences of failure of our intelligence services like ISI and how their secret plans have been compromised? There are loads of evidences that how certain political parties are all out to see this Pak land disintegrated.

    These assailants are vigorously working against the well being, the national interest and security of Pakistan. For their personal greed; to work for the enemies for paltry gain has become a norm for them. Their deeds have brought such havoc for the common people that their lives are nothing but full of agony and a misery is prevalent in all the spheres of life.

    It is time that these traitors like Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan and other stooges like them are singled out and their abettors and enablers like; JUI of Fazular, Jamat e Islami and ‘would be beneficiary’ Muslim League (N) are ‘named and ashamed’. They all must be tried for treachery, deceits and Treason.

  4. Pakistan is our beloved country and we will do everything to protect it.See the link below for more information.

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