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Proud to be a Pakistani Voter

By Ali Yar Khan • May 11th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 2 Comments

You cannot complain afterwards when you decide something with collective wisdom. You have been watching the talk shows, reading the newspapers, and discussing it on social media for the last five years on daily basis, and you know the ins and outs, negatives and positives of every party and even the candidates, and now its up to you to decide as how is better for your country, you and for both of your future.

I with my family will queue before the election booth at 7:30 am in the morning as I want to exercise my right to vote as soon as possible. I am fully excited about this chance and I want to be the part of history and want to say to the posterity that at least I tried my best through my votes to elect the best person and party for them. With clear conscience, objective decision making, and analysis of the manifesto and past performances, I have made up my mind and nobody is going to stop me from voting.

I have full trust in the Pakistanis ’s collective wisdom and I believe that they are well informed and well placed to vote in this elections. They need to rise about petty differences and emotional black-mailings and empty slogans and see through the smoke screen and vote intelligently and smartly. Do that and then leave rest to the Maker as He created Pakistan and He will save it and we must believe in Him. I am pretty sure that something very good is in store for the country.

Our responsibility doesn’t end after casting the vote. If our party loses, we need to show big heart and appreciate the others and help them in building the Pakistan and saving it, and if they don’t it, then we have every right to stand up and protest and criticize. But we must not go towards not accepting the election results as we cannot afford that. These elections are happening after a long time, after so much blood shed and bad blood, and we perhaps won’t get second chance if we lose this one.

I can see the political maturity in many Pakistani national leaders and that is very welcoming. It is high time that the workers and the voters also be ready to show sagacity and maturity after the elections. I am saying this because I don’t think that any one party would be able to sweep the elections from all corners and middle of country. Everywhere, they would be a split mandate and that asks for tolerance, maturity, joining hands, and positive thinking and attitude.

After a tough and bitter election campaign, it would be hard to sit together for these parties and their leaders and especially for their workers, but they must do it for the sake of Pakistan. Because if they don’t it, then somebody is perfectly ready to pitch in and say ‘Meray Aziz Hum Wutnoo.’

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  1. Yes, go and vote please.

  2. Today I am so proud and a little envious of my younger cousins and nieces and nephews who stood in line for hours to cast their vote. It is a privilege… I have been up all night with a slow internet connection. One of my cousin and his wife just flew into Karachi from Dubai to just cast their vote. They deserve a better Pakistan. We can complain and talk about how bad the state of affairs is in Pakistan. Unless we get off out cushy seats and do something nothing will change. Today we saw that change! I have a feeling whoever comes into power today will think twice before they screw with Pakistan. I do hope it is Imran Khan though… All others are tried, tested and failed.

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