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Profile of Zaheerul Islam DG ISI

By Guest Blogger • Mar 10th, 2012 • Category: Politics • 19 Comments

DG ISI appointment of Lt. General Zaheerul Islam has created quite ripples and the news has spread to all the nooks and corners and it shows how important this is for the region and for the world.

Lieutenant General Muhammad Zaheerul Islam is the 18th Director General of the ISI since 1959, the year when this premier spy agency was first headed by Brigadier Riaz Hussain.

The new DG ISI had the distinction of serving the organization under two DGs, including Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha as a two-star general before he was promoted and appointed corps commander Karachi. He also served in the internal wing of the ISI. General Zaheer comes from a family with a splendid record of service to the army.


The newly-appointed Director General Inter-Services Intelligence (DG ISI), Lieutenant General Zaheer-ul Islam, has vowed to put his best efforts for the service of Pakistan and he says that he would be very very professional and would only see the merit.

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  1. But according to my sources this fresh ISI chief namely Zaheer-ul-Islam, is not known to have Islamist leanings & this is a disastrous news for me - it is by mean - liberal like Pervaiz Musharraff & two steps ahead blind followers of American Dictation - Anyway - Time will PROVE - how much TRUTH therein?

  2. Yes AAM, your info is right. I will post more about him once confirmed.

  3. Pakistan requires Liberal people, We have seen enough of Radical , twisted understading of Islam by our leaders.

  4. AAM and Maria
    What do you mean by Islamist leanings? I think General Zaheer is a Muslim from his name.I donot see beard in his face but I think he looks like a typical Pakistani Muslim. Does King of Saudi Arabia a good Muslim?
    for you guys being a Patriotic Pakistani does not seem to matter. Being a Muslim is more important even if that guy licks US boots or works for other foreign powers.
    He has risen to the rank of Lt.General and commanding Karachi and that does not seem to matter to you two people.

  5. Johann, my man! You got some power of observation and way to express it —— like you, for your straight talk. Of course, Pakistan doesn’t matter, what matters to most of these fools, lost in their chronic identity crisis, is that they are Muslims, perhaps that’s why they could never understand breaking up of Pakistan, after all another Muslim state was carved out of our Pakistan as we knew it and cherished. Must say that people like Fakir above are the only hope for us Pakistanis.

  6. Thanks Maria as you seconded - & - rest of others — Mark & Register my words well in ADVANCE this poor & ignored Pakistan does not require anymore — any Key Post holder — liberal or close with Western World - we must require on utmost URGENCY basis a Team of Ruthless Leaders — who is liable to PROMOTE — JUSTICE on MERIT - thats all - nothing less than the same & if the same team may jointly work with my beloved ISLAMIC MILITANTS that would be a BONUS Point instead of US or UK.

    Obama: Iran – Kay- Khilaf – Taqat – Kay- Istimal – Mein- Sanjeeda-
    Afghanistan/Pakistan- Nay- Hamari-BAJA- Rukhi- Laihaza–Ranjeeda-

  7. Where have I said that I approve or disapprove zaheer’s religion? I just confirmed news by AAM

  8. Agree with Adnan and Maria…if this Mr. Islam does not have Muslim leanings, just like Musharraf and all those who’ve been appointed since 2001 e.g. Kayani and Pasha, then they will not look out for Pakistan and will simply carry on doing the dirty work of their masters in Washington and Tel Aviv, and continue to sell out the country to India as Musharraf and successors did.

    If they don’t care about Islam, they will certainly not care about Pakistan because the two are inetxtricably linked since 97% of Pakistanis are Muslim and Islam plays an important role in most people’s lives. We should recall when Musharraf took over from Sharif in the coup and everyone was glad because Sharif was corrupt and a slave to external forces.

    However, as soon as some of us learnt from an earlier interview Musharraf had given that he liked to drink and dance, had a passion for dogs and his hero was the Godless global Israeli Mustafa Kemal who destroyed Ottoman Turkey and removed Islam from Turkish life, most of us felt worried that he would ruin Pakistan. And time proved this to be the case…he gave away Pakistan’s sovereignty to Uncles Shlomo and Gandhi… gave bases to the great Tyrant, okayed drone bombings of ‘his’ people, ignored the internationally reognised Kashmir dispute and India’s occupation of this a part of Pakistan, to placate his Indian kin… and he was directly resposible for killing thousands of students as the Red Mosque in Islamabad (it is an utter lie that there were a just under 200), for killing our people in FATA, KP and Baluchistan including Bugti, and he sold the country to Uncle Sam and started a drive of ‘Indianisation’ (importing Indian dramafilms, sport and other detritus like their third rate food and textiles, undermining Pakistan’s own industries) and even encouraged the wearing of those ikky sarees which is an alien, non-Muslim dress. (If he loved India so much, he should have gone home. He has no right to try and make the country of indigenous Pakistanis like myself into a clone and a subservient satellite of, Hindutva India).

    How this supposedly decorated general lay flat as a door-mat whilst Uncle Shlomo de_faecated all over him after the 9/11 inside job, is a mystery! Even another old general of Indian origin. Mirza Aslam Baig, recently catigated the current and previous governments for being subservient to India and erroneously giving them the MFN status when India along with the US is DIRECTLY INVOLVED in supporting terrorism and funding separatism (see Nawawai-Waqt newspaper from last week).

    If this Lt. Gen plans more of the same, Pakistanis will not tolerate it. We want old school patriots like Zia ul Haq, Ayub Khan and Hamid Gul amongst others who called a spade a spade and didn’t take doo-doo from the country’s enemies’.

  9. “Red Mosque”! Mosque is a place to worship and ask for God’s mercies and kindness —– that horrible place was a den of terrorist loaded with guns and grenades to hurt the believers and peaceful lovers of Islam and Pakistan. That place should have been or even it should be raised to ground and a library be built there with literature covering the history of terrorism and death and destructions these monsters have inflicted on our beloved country and our people. Down with all those demons and their sympathisers. They must be obliterated from our peaceful society.

  10. @ 9 - People like you - not ready to understand — Lal Masjid Operation was an other blindly Act Upon of Bush & Condi Rice - secret directives through US Embassy - Isd. — by the way - Uza Syed — where do you usually attend Majlis kindly accompanied with me - next time.

  11. As a matter of fact I was addressing to Uza Syed in above post because of Moderation the Serial Numbers are getting disturbed.

  12. Zaheer-ul-Islam’s the very first Gift to this poor & ignored - Nation - namely — Pakistan.

  13. comment 14 TBL and comment 8.
    ‘If this Lt. Gen plans more of the same, Pakistanis will not tolerate it. We want old school patriots like Zia ul Haq, Ayub Khan and Hamid Gul amongst others who called a spade a spade and didn’t take doo-doo from the country’s enemies’.”"
    General Zia ul Haq in Jordan killed nearly 10.000 Palestinian Muslims on the orders of USA in support of that western stooge King Hussein of Jordan.Is he a true Muslim Patriot? for that matter is he a Pakistani patriot?
    TBL, when does almighty Allah pour over personal records of Pakistani Generals. I think for you any General like General Zia ul Haq who does Namaz and other outward signs of Islam and kill Muslims on orders of uncle Sam is a great Muslim. Is my surmise correct?

  14. pasha was linked tro Mansoor Ijaz of Memogate who gas Pakistani Nukes in his eyesight. Most probably Pasha may find place in Nuclear command authority of Pakistan to do American’s job as Genral Nadeem Taj was a tough nujt to crack for the Americans

  15. I don’t think that appointment of Lt Gen Zaheer ul Islam as DG ISI may bring any kind of change in policies of ISI or in the working relations with US.

    Certainly there is a change of face at the end of Gen Pasha services when he goes out on retirement. He was also granted an unusual service extension as it was preferred that while there is a war going on, the commanders directly involved may not be changed.

    In case of Red Mosque; I am of the opinion that while discussing Islam must not be brought in it. As evidently the occupant of (then) in the mosque definitely used the he mosque to conceal their subversive designs and to avert any cleansing operation by police or Military when exposed; which is certainly a conduct unbecoming and they were rightly punished fore their mockery.

    There is big hue and cry going for the indictment of Musharraf and even on a court order Red warrant are also being issued; but this is just a media hype and political stunt. As we know that presently in the war against terror; some thousands of Civilian are killed in FATA, Swat and in Malakand; is Zardari or Gen Kayani being indicted for this killing, if not how possibly you may indict previous commander Musharraf for any killing in Mosque in fata even in Miss Bhutto’s killing who was killed in a subversive attack of which Musharraf was also earlier target and was attacked twice but escaped any injuries.

  16. Zia was a retarded monster—–he single handedly devastated our country by creating such horrible divisions here in the name of religion. This idiot helped divide Pakistan in so many religious groupings that now most of us Pakistanis question each other’s belief and wish to exclude from our own religion. May he rot in hell for ever and ever and may all his followers and supporters live million years of restless lives of pain and anxiety somewhere close to the mountain regions between the borders without shelters on their heads.

  17. Zia is not worse than the Avtar ’syed’ Hussain of India and of Pervez ‘ syed’ Hussain of India who have more blood on their hands than Zia ever did. Zia was also an Indian immigrant but he was loyal to Pakistan. He made some mistakes like others no doubt , but he was still better than the former two… He was also better than ’syed’ Gilani and ’syed’ Zardari and ’syed’ Benazir. :D

  18. ““Red Mosque”!… that horrible place was a den of terrorist loaded with guns and grenades…”

    The “arms cache” was placed by Murtaddaf’s people after they killed all the inhabitants. You believe all the propaganda simply because Murtaddaf is one of your homies ~smile~ but people living in the area who used to pray at this very mosque said it was a lie. The mosque leader negotiated and agreed to give up the mosque; he was then tricked and killed by Murtaddaf on the orders of his masters in Washington. He wanted to show that he was ‘hard’…a few thousand adherents of mainstream Islam wouldn’t be allowed to stand in his way…

  19. Mr you are putting Musharraf in really a biiiiiig trouble .

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