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Profile of Zaheerul Islam DG ISI

By Guest Blogger • Mar 10th, 2012 • Category: Politics • 19 Comments

DG ISI appointment of Lt. General Zaheerul Islam has created quite ripples and the news has spread to all the nooks and corners and it shows how important this is for the region and for the world.

Lieutenant General Muhammad Zaheerul Islam is the 18th Director General of the ISI since 1959, the year when this premier spy agency was first headed by Brigadier Riaz Hussain.

The new DG ISI had the distinction of serving the organization under two DGs, including Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha as a two-star general before he was promoted and appointed corps commander Karachi. He also served in the internal wing of the ISI. General Zaheer comes from a family with a splendid record of service to the army.


The newly-appointed Director General Inter-Services Intelligence (DG ISI), Lieutenant General Zaheer-ul Islam, has vowed to put his best efforts for the service of Pakistan and he says that he would be very very professional and would only see the merit.

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